Google Ads Without Credit Card (Other Possible Options)

Google Ads Without Credit Card

Do you know how many search queries Google registers daily? It’s 5.6 billion searches on average!

A majority of these searches (>90% ) are organic. However, even then, number-wise, a lot of people click on paid ads every day. In fact, this number keeps growing every year as more and more businesses invest in PPC.

Of all the options for paid online campaigns, Google Ads is by far the most popular. Any business, big or small, online or even offline (local listings), can benefit from Google Ads.

No wonder, stats show that 80% of businesses depend on it. Access to Google Ads is easy and free. You simply need to have a Google account.

But of course, it is not an entirely free service like Gmail or search. You must have a campaign budget to start with. You can set your own budget as there is no minimum cap. Besides, you can change it anytime you want.

So, let’s get you started with how to manage your budget even without a credit card.

Check out the payment methods

While at it, check out the payment methods section. Before reading it, always ensure that you are setting the right country name in the top drop-down menu.

These methods can change drastically depending on the country‘s settings. Also, go through other details, such as what causes a declined payment and how to reactivate it.

Also, you need to understand the different billing options available for you. These vary by country and currency. The options are:

  • Automatic payments
  • Manual payments
  • Monthly invoicing (credit line)

Sometimes, a payment method may be unavailable for your account even though it is enlisted as a valid one for your country.

It does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with your account. It usually means that Google is reviewing your account.

An unavailable option may become available when:

  • You conduct a minimum transaction of $200 via any available method.
  • Your account registers at least 4 weeks of regular activity compliant with Google’s ad policies.

Paying by credit cards is a general method on Google. However, there are other options too. But, these vary from one country to another. Let’s explore! 

Pay with a debit card

Google Ads allows payment with debit cards with the Master Card or Visa logo. Not everyone can afford a credit card.

However, debit cards are used almost everywhere. You can use a debit card both for automatic and manual billing. In the automatic system, Google will deduct the amount spent after running your ads.

But, in manual mode, you first put in funds in your account. Your ads will run as long as there is an available balance.

To use this facility, you will have to enlist a debit card as your primary payment option. Do note that  Google does not accept prepaid credit cards. 

Pay with PayPal

This option is available only for a few selected countries such as the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. You can use it for both automatic and manual payments.

For example, here are the requirements for the United States.

  • You must have a Google Ads account where the currency is set to USD. Furthermore, you must have a US billing address.
  • In addition, you need to link your Google Ads account with your PayPal account. You will have to disable the pop-up blocker of your browser to get this done.

It usually takes up to 24 hours to process the payment. But, first, you must receive an email from PayPal confirming the transaction.

Plus, PayPal may display an error message. You will have to resolve it to continue with the payment.   

Pay with a bank account (direct debit)

For some countries, Google Ads allows making the payment with bank accounts. You will have to set it as the primary mode of payment.

Countries, where this is allowed, include Ireland, Germany, Israel, the UK, and the USA.  You can make payments for both automatic and manual billing modes with this, as long as you are eligible for the manual mode.

Google will process the payments only after verifying your bank accounts. This can take a few days.

In the meanwhile, you can use your debit card. However, bank accounts supporting disbursements only are not eligible (e.g., Payoneer).

Pay with GiroPay

Google offers various alternative payment methods depending on the country. For example, users in Germany can pay by using GiroPay. You need to have a bank account enlisted in the GiroPay network.

In addition, you need to select your currency as Euro and show a German business address in your Google Ads account. The usual processing time for this is two hours. 

Pay with TimesofMoney

Likewise, users from India can make manual payments through banks via a system called NetBanking. The payment is processed via a partner service called TimesofMoney.

It is imperative that your bank must be a part of the TimesofMoney network. Additionally, you should have an Indian billing address, and INR as your currency. 

Pay with an e-wallet

Indian users also have the additional option of using a Paytm wallet. However, this facility is also limited to manual billing. You will have to add funds to your e-wallet and link it to your Google Ads account. Disable the pop-up blocker window of your browser before linking your Paytm wallet.

Similarly, Indonesian users can use the GoPay e-wallet. The rules are similar to Paytm. Of course, you need to have an Indonesian billing address and choose IDR as your currency.

Pay by Money Transfer

Google Ads permits the system for Money Transfer. This is limited to countries such as Ukraine, Turkey, India, and Indonesia. To avail this, you will have to select the Money Transfer option.

Then, you proceed to make a payment. It will not be visible immediately, though. Google will generate a reference number. You need to use this reference number with your linked bank account.

Payments can be made in person at your bank or post office. The usual processing time is 2 to 5 days. 


There is no doubt that Google prefers credit cards and debit cards as the primary modes of payment. It is the common thread connecting users from all the countries.

However, in some locations, you have other options. As long as you belong to these places, you can run your ad without a credit card. 

For most countries, paying via a valid card is the only choice.

Furthermore, Google seems to prefer automatic billing over a manual. Automatic billing is available everywhere. Whereas, the manual mode is only for some places. Advertisers must have a clear concept about these details to start a successful campaign on Google. 

For any help with your Google ads management, contact me anytime. I am always happy to help you đŸ™‚

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