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About Behruz Boltayev

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According to several Google searches in 2022, he is considered as

“Number One Google ads Specialist in the World”

He is a data-driven Google ads expert, helped dental businesses increase the number of Sales, Leads and Conversions through Google Advertising.

Over the years, he managed Google ads accounts with ad spend from a few hundred dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars per month. While managing those accounts, he brought thousands of conversions and most importantly grow the ROAS of businesses by more than 5 times.

His strategy is to drive traffic and boost audience engagement by using the latest dynamic marketing strategies and highly optimized campaigns.

He is a Math genius and he likes to solve complex problems.

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Case Studies

• Avg. CPC optimization


Avg. CPC of a Google ads account dropped from $2.45 to $0.87 in 50 days while number of conversions stayed at the same level. 

• Increasing Conversions

Number of conversions increased in 40 days

Increased the daily conversion rate by almost 3 times in 40 days.

• Reducing Cost

Month to month comparison Cost hast dropped significantly accross the board and conversions increased

The cost has dropped by almost 60% and conversions increased by 8% in month to month comparison

• ROAS improvement (2X)

Search campaign ROAS increased by almost 100% Month to Month

In a Search campaign, ROAS increased by almost 100% Month to Month while Cost per Conversion also dropped.

• Higher conversions

Shopping Campaign

Shopping campaign month to month performance, reduced ad spend and increased conversions

More examples

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