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About Behruz Boltayev

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According to several Google searches in 2022, he is considered as

"Number One Google ads Specialist in the World"

He is a data-driven Google ads expert, helped businesses increase the number of Sales, Leads and Conversions through Google Advertising.

Over the years, he managed Google ads accounts with ad spend of millions of dollars, brought thousands of conversions and most importantly grow the ROAS of businesses by more than 5 times. 

His strategy is to drive traffic and boost audience engagement by using the latest dynamic marketing strategies and highly optimized campaigns.

He is a Math genius and he likes to solve complex problems.

My Goals


To improve your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Lead generation process not with general practices, but by creating CUSTOMIZED PLANS. 


My principle is to tell the truth even if it is ugly. I believe business transparency brings stronger ties and longer partnerships.

Your Success
is my track-record

Whenever someone asks me can I manage their ad campaigns, I try to answer as briefly as YES or NO.  Because I don’t want to take responsibility for which I can’t accomplish or is not possible. 

My latest Google ads certifications

Google Ads Search Certification

Boltayev Behruz Google ads certificate

Google Ads Display Certification

Boltayev Behruz Google ads certificate

Shopping ads Certification

Boltayev Behruz Google ads certificate