Google ads (AdWords) Management

(One of the cheapest in the industry)

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• Avg. CPC optimization


Avg. CPC of a Google ads account dropped from $2.45 to $0.87 in 50 days while number of conversions stayed at the same level. 

• Increasing Conversions

Number of conversions increased in 40 days

Increased the daily conversion rate by almost 3 times in 40 days.

• Reducing Cost

Month to month comparison Cost hast dropped significantly accross the board and conversions increased

The cost has dropped by almost 60% and conversions increased by 8% in month to month comparison

• ROAS improvement (2X)

Search campaign ROAS increased by almost 100% Month to Month

In a Search campaign, ROAS increased by almost 100% Month to Month while Cost per Conversion also dropped.

• Higher conversions

Shopping Campaign

Shopping campaign month to month performance, reduced ad spend and increased conversions

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