Do you need a Website to create Google Ads?

Do you need a Website to create Google Ads?

Yes or No?

I could go on and give you a one-word answer as to if you need a website or not. But first, let us look at the real reason you’re here.

You want to get the word out for your business. The more eyeballs can see you, the more business you are likely to get.

How then do you get more eyes to see you and more hearts to know you? The answer is simple. Adverts!

Both small and big businesses in the 21st century thrive on running adverts to generate leads. Since you would also get more eyes to see you online than in a tiny neighborhood, Google is one of the best places to put up your ad.

However, the process of getting your ad set up on Google can be excruciatingly long and energy draining.


Think of the money you would need to spend to hire a web designer, an ad manager, a copywriter to write your ad copies, and a sales funnel builder. If you choose not to go through this route, you would have to learn it all by yourself and execute the task.

In your mind right now, all you want to do is to bypass this scary process and find a way for people to come to you without stressing them out or stressing yourself.

But, how exactly can they come to you via Google without necessarily landing on a website page first? Or, is it even possible to run ads, get more people to see you, and increase revenue without having a Website?

The answer is YES! Your next question is, HOW?

In this article, we will fully discuss the swiftest ways to create and run your ad without a website and to get the most from it.

Shall we?

Google Ads: A Quick Overview

Let me tell you a little story. A long time ago, there was a way Google operated to provide answers for its users. Now, on Google, there are approximately 63,000 searches every second. Imagine what that translates to. That is 5.6 billion searches per day.

After a search query is imputed, Google gives all possible answers from different websites. However, the searcher may only check through the first 5 answers. These spaces have for long been reserved for the big companies with the biggest websites, tons of SEO, and with the most visits or traffic.

Small businesses then have to wait for years while driving traffic through other means. So, the great and mighty Google came up with a way that small businesses could get to customers first and provide a solution without having to wait forever.

The innovation was called Google Ads. It was a way by which smaller businesses with a history of less traffic could pay to be seen first by Google Users.

What they paid in money, they could reap in traffic and getting more business to them. This way, business owners could target the exact type of people that they wanted and get their ideal customers through the door.

How Websites come into the Picture with Google Ads

Now that you can run ads and appear right on top of the search table, what then happens? When your ad is clicked on Google, what is next for your cold leads? Where does the ad take them?

In sales and marketing, you must always take your prospects to the next stage. You cannot bear to have them feeling confused about what next to do. You also cannot go about rushing the sales process and asking them to buy without actually helping them.

Therefore, the next stage for your cold leads is your landing page. This is where websites come into the picture. When Google users input a search term, they are looking for answers.

Your ad should come up as the preferred answer for them. It could be showing them a place they are looking for, a natural solution to a health issue, do-it-yourself guides, or even how to hire the best expert.

All that your immediate landing page should do is to take them to the next solution. It could be a website article, your e-commerce website, or a webpage showing the benefits of the product that they are searching for.

That is why having a website comes off as important in building Ads and generally, an online presence.

How can you Create Google Ads without a Website?

As powerful and as important as having a website is, we still want to make it easier. This is a principal driving factor of world advancement.

The world has come this far because people are constantly thinking up ways to make their lives better, to do things faster, and to make the whole process as easy and as stress-less as possible.

The great Google is not left behind. Google keeps doing the same to make things easier for business owners and to stay relevant in the online space.

Therefore, Google created a way by which you and I can comfortably run our ads, increase our online visibility, and increase revenue without having to spend extra on a website and all the things that it entails.

This means that there is now a perfect substitute for a website that can bring your customers to you and help them to take action right away. It was formerly known as the Google AdWords Express. Now, it is called the Google Smart Shopping Campaign.

Smart Shopping Campaigns and Maximizing this Solution.

Phew! It is such a relief that you don’t have to give up all the benefits that having a website brings.

Now that you know that you can bypass the stress, you want to know how to get it done and what type of results you should expect. This feature is specifically tailored to meet the needs of businesses without websites who want to keep their online presence and get leads through their funnel.


To use this feature on Google, you need to create a Google my Business account to put your business on the Google Business map. This enables users to find your business, your store, and how to reach you.

For businesses without a website, Google My Business can serve as your landing page when potential customers click on your ad. It allows them to locate you on the map, call you, or send you a message. It also lets them see images of your business and what products or services you offer.

In the past, your Google AdWords Express account would have been different from your normal Google ad account. Now, with Smart Shopping Campaigns, You can use your same Google Ads account to run your smart shopping campaigns.

But, like the Cinderella glass slipper, smart shopping campaigns can only fit a specific type of business perfectly. Smart Shopping Campaign is perfectly tailored for small businesses or local stores with a narrowed geographical location.

This is because Google takes your information and practically runs your ad for you. Google uses AI and machine learning to run your ads. This reduces the total time needed to manually optimize your campaign.

This way, you cannot control the keywords that your ad would show up for or even how much you are willing to pay per click.

This works perfectly if you want Google to control your ad. An advantage of this method is that your business can reach the people who are a perfect fit for you.

While a lot of expert ad managers would rather not go down this route, it is an easy way to get fast results for small and local businesses.

This is a checklist you can always use to know when Smart Shopping campaigns are perfect for you.

  • When you have considerable pre-existing conversion data.

Smart shopping campaigns can work the best when there is pre-existing data for Google to work with. This gives the algorithm an insight into what has already been working for you and what has not. That way, it can optimize your ad to give you the best.

  • When you are comfortable with Google at the reins.

A lot of marketers and business owners always want to tweak their ads themselves and do a lot of split testing to keep seeing what works better. With Smart Shopping campaigns, Google assumes control of the campaign. This means that you are willing to give up control of negative keywords and the bidding strategy.

  • When you can leave the ad running for a relatively long time.

You should be willing to leave your ad running for up to 14 days to get the best results. With Google Smart Shopping, you cannot afford to be impatient with results.

To Summarize

The above checklist will help you know if you are the Cinderella that this glass slipper fits.

You want to spend less and make more, Smart Shopping Campaign is the perfect one for you. You just have to get the proper hang of it and milk the system.

Plus, with Smart Campaigns, your entire ad can be set up in about 15 minutes. As long as you have your entire ad budget, main keywords, and a mini ad copy of about 3 lines, you are good to go!

As a small business owner, this might just be the answer you have been waiting for!

Go get it!

By the way, for any help in your Google ads management, you can contact me through Contact us page.

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