Google Ads for Startups (11 Best Tactics to Skyrocket Your Growth)

Google Ads for Startups

Startups rule! It’s a long way to the top, though! The startup world is a criss-cross of ambitions and broken dreams.

Too many businesses have seen their hopes crushed at the fundraiser game. It also demands a lot of patience and determination.

However, business experts recommend not training your sight for a starry IPO right from the start. Not everyone can be a unicorn.

Take calm and easy steps, and make sure that you make no mistakes. Also, you need to keep all your eggs together in the same basket.

It’s a good strategy to put Google Ads to use in this respect. So, here are a few key tips to get your startup business rolling.

Let’s start.

Better be assured of your startup niche

First things first! Are you sure that your niche holds enough potential? Is it scalable? Most importantly, does your business idea carry into a sustainable future?

Without falling into the jargon or ‘woke capitalism’ and all that, it is crucial to understand that the world is changing very fast. The way this world is shifting gears, it is vital to get your investment vehicle on the freeway of future ambitions!

Don’t rush, but study. Gather details. Also, read in between the lines of the future subscript. This is because all these things matter. Ultimately, it’s not your ambition that matters, but the channel where you irrigate it.

And, say hello to Google Ads! The search engine matrix is hands-down the biggest harvest zone of the world! It only makes sense to secure a strong foothold in it.   

Google Ads as a method to secure your funding

Google Ads can be the best means to your means. It is very versatile, allowing every niche imaginable, as long as it is coherent with its policies.

Now that you are sure of your niche, go ahead and craft your Google Ads campaign. Yes, to start with, Google Ads can seem to gobble you up. Don’t be afraid!

Take the expert suggestion literally, and opt for the ‘Expert mode’ in the Google Ads campaign settings.

  • Be warned, otherwise Google Ads will push you to the default smart campaign mode.
  • On the surface, it may seem like a simple equation.
  • But, the secret mathematics may cause an unexplained deficit in your balance.      

As your persuasion goes live, you can calibrate the campaign to generate funding. However, you need to have a great website first.

Once your site is up and running, the rest follows suit by a coordinated campaign.

You can utilize different ad formats for Google Ads

Google Ads has several ad formats.

  • Search ads
  • Shopping ads
  • App ads
  • Display ads
  • YouTube ads

These are the most common types. Among these, search ads and shopping ads are vital for attending to active intent.

People click on these with the intent to strike a deal. On the other hand, display ads belong to the realm of the Google Display Network.

Google Ads to generate brand awareness

You need to wrap your head around the GDN. It’s a must for brand managers! This over-encompassing network of the digital matrix is premium real estate for all kinds of banner ads.

As a corollary, it is also an ideal place to show up your adverts. Therefore, these ads present the perfect opportunities to grow up your brand awareness.

Every startup manager knows how vital it is to make people aware that your brand stands for something. Ask any veteran digital marketer. She will testify. 

Use Google Ads for remarketing campaigns

Google Ads is a crucial tool for remarketing. For the uninitiated, it refers to a cookie-based marketing protocol.

This primarily targets users who have shown active interest in your brand value. Therefore, it is easier to hook the fish, in a manner of saying.

One time it’s good, two time’s a charm! You cannot miss that crucial second chance.

So, if a potential customer clicks on your website at first, the second time you pull him to your stores, just like a charm! Yes, re-marketing is amazing!  

Google Ads can help specify target demographics

Startups are often at a loss as to figure out the target demographic puzzle. You cannot blame them!

What can one do when the target demo is spread over multiple countries, time zones, continents, and local areas?

This fantastic platform can help you make sense of this complex geometry in only a few clicks. However, learning how to make those few crucial clicks may need years of practice.

You can set targets in the following dimensions.

  • Age group
  • Income level
  • Time of viewing ads
  • Operating system used

Google Ads help you familiarize yourself with Google Analytics

Another key benefit of using Google Ads is that you can be familiar with the marvelous system called Google Analytics.

Analytics is the most important tool for digital marketers, coded in numbers. It is the essential rite of passage for every startup manager who needs to make sense of Google Ads.

Since you can easily integrate analytics with Google Ads, it is an extremely useful platform to dip your toes in the numbers game.    

You can run multiple ad campaigns simultaneously

The success of startups depends on multitasking. Google Ads helps you familiarize yourself with that concept. You can conveniently run multiple ad campaigns.

You will have to be an expert at managing ad groups and allocation of keywords. One needs to match keyword cases. In addition, you need to use different tools for keyword management. Feel free to go in-house or use third-party tools.     

You can pause campaigns anytime on Google Ads

One of the most fascinating things about Google Ads is that you can pause campaigns anytime you want.

This freedom to manage campaigns at your will is extremely effective for startups.

Although it is difficult to talk about, dry runs and churn rates are constant issues for startups. In such events, you may need some time to catch your breath.   

Google Ads is ideal for any budget (even a shoestring budget)

Another amazing advantage of Google Ads for startups is that it can support your ambition at any level. Be it a shoestring budget, or a fund that can break boundaries, and this platform supports everything.

Besides, there is no minimum bid amount, and you can change bids at any time. In addition, it  supports all currencies of the world and has a conducive payment gateway.    

Google Ads can be local or global 

Finally, Google Ads can break all boundaries. Be it a local area or you want the world as your stage, this is the place to be.

There is no limit as to your geo-location, and you can also choose your target area with a microscope. Utilize the tools in your Google Ads arsenal to deliver a campaign that matters.


Every startup service should use Google Ads. This platform has been made with the sole purpose of making every online venture a grand success. If you need a launchpad to get started, this is it!

For any help with your Google ads management, you can contact me any time and I would be happy to help you:)

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