Google Ads for Shopee Setting E-commerce Milestones (The Perfect Combo)

Google Ads for Shopee

Digital marketers were in for a major shift in July 2020. Many could not believe their eyes when Google went that extra mile from its citadel of self-absorption! Usually, Google Ads is an in-house project.

Marketers may access the ad modules only from within the complex labyrinths of Google Ads.

Of course, sites such as Etsy and Redbubble do have deals with Google Ads. But, these deals were still largely ambiguous, with no clear headway! This is why it came as a surprise when Google Ads forged a wholesome deal with Shopee.

Moreover, it was a no-holds-barred arrangement with the Asian e-commerce major. At last, here was everything that marketers could expect from a third-party partnership with Google Ads. So, read on to know everything about using Google Ads for Shopee.

One of a kind partnership of Google Ads with Shopee (how to join)

What’s Alibaba is to China, and Amazon is to the US, Shopee is to Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Given the behemoth that it is, it was only appropriate that it teamed up with the biggest digital ad platform. And boy, what a partnership this has been!

No longer do sellers on an online marketplace have to make sense of the complex rules of Google merchant center.

Everything is very simple. Firstly, sellers are at their discretion on whether to use Google Ads. As and when you do, you have everything laid out clearly. Therefore, you can select all the details, including campaign type, ad format, budget spending, and more.

Here is how to join Google Ads for Shopee.

  • You can join directly via your Google Ads account. Just fill up a form and submit it to the Google account manager.
  • You may contact Shopee through your KAM. Alternately, sellers can send an email to

Types of Google Ads formats with Shopee

One would assume that the only ad format allowed is the Google Shopping ad. Of course, this is the most recommended format in the e-commerce segment.

Shopee with Google Ads also prioritizes this format. Shopping ads are incredibly versatile. These not only appear on top of Google organic SERPs but also on image search, YouTube, and Gmail.

The other eligible format is the ubiquitous text ad on Google. Sellers can set up an attractive textual agenda describing their products and how useful it is. The partnership requires certain fixed pointers for either ad format.

For a shopping campaign:

  • You must run a single campaign targeting all products
  • The seller must have at least 50 ready-to-serve offers
  • Following at least 20 conversions, you can use the enhanced cost per click (eCPC)

The eCPC mode allows you to switch over to ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) bidding. Aim for a higher bid after referring to the historical conversion cost in the last 30 days.

For a search campaign:

  • Promote branded search terms
  • Use ad groups to group relevant keywords (use broad match modifiers and dynamic search ads)
  • Per ad group, you can add one responsive ad and two text ads
  • Following 20 conversions, you can switch over to eCPC

The brand-managed Google Ads campaigns with Shopee

You can opt for the brand-managed partnership model. This enables brands and agencies the authority to integrate post-click data as a way of measuring sales impact.

You will have full control over the ads. Also, the budget allocation will be more flexible than the other formats mentioned below.

However, the only drawback is that you have limited campaign support via Shopee. Google Ads support will be there. But, Shopee can help you only with feed sharing and conversion set up.

This format is best suitable in the following circumstances.

  • Brands with a limited budget for in-house marketing campaigns
  • Companies with in-depth experience with Google Ads campaigns
  • Brands already using upper-funnel campaigns on Google media

Shopee managed Google ads campaign

In this partnership model, you authorize Shopee to manage campaigns on your behalf. Your current Google Ads service will be synchronized with the full suite of managed offerings by Shopee. The benefits of this campaign format are several.

  • You have dedicated support from Shopee
  • Shopee manages everything from your bid to your ad group

There are a few downsides to this campaign format as well.

  • The reporting is not custom. You receive a standardized version.
  • You forfeit the ownership of your Google Ad account
  • There is less flexibility over ad spend

This campaign format is best suitable for brands and agencies with little experience with e-commerce ad campaigns.

Also, brands that have existing partnerships with Shopee can benefit from this format. Besides, brands that want to synchronize large Google campaigns with Shopee campaigns.

Self-service Google Ads campaign with Shopee

Finally, you have the self-service campaign model. In this mode, you access the Shopee Marketing Solutions Portal.

This is a special setup whereby sellers have full control and visibility over the campaigns. Also, the entire campaign management becomes very seamless.

Furthermore, the Shopee support team will provide backend technical support covering all your requirements. However, the key drawback here is that you can only run shopping ads in this format.

In addition, you get a standardized report instead of custom feedback.

It can still be a viable option under the following conditions.

  • Being a one-stop solution for campaign management
  • Running large campaigns even without as much resource
  • Try out Google Ads for Shopee with a low scale investment commitment

Benefits of Google Ads for Shopee

It’s nobody’s guess that using Google Ads for Shopee is a wall-breaker! If you are stuck behind low returns despite your best efforts, it’s time to amp up your efforts with this pathbreaking deal. Here is a summary of the benefits you will be entitled to.

  • Convenient setup of ad campaign creation with the Shopee Brands Suite
  • Different levels of flexibility and control available at your discretion
  • One-stop monitoring of ad performance via the Shopee Brands Suite

Fees and costs of Google Ads for Shopee

Here is a brief insight on the budget spend parameters of running Shopping Ads via Shopee. Certain limitations do apply.

  • You must oblige with the minimum ad budget of $ 10
  • Sellers can not let their ad credit fall to 0. This immediately pauses the Shopping Ads.
  • Do note that Shopee credits are mutually exclusive of Google Shopping Ads credits.
  • Limit budget edits to only once every three days. This allows the machine learning algorithm of Google Ads to work in your favor.


Do you have an under-performing seller account on Shopee? Are you a seller trying to grow your market in Taiwan and SE Asia?

Start with creating your Shopee account if you don’t already have it. Once you are ready, go ahead with a Shopping ad campaign.

This is the best option for e-commerce projects since you have a product image to pitch. Nevertheless, it is always up to your discretion whether to use text ads or shopping ads. No matter what, get ready for the best!

For any help with Google ads account management you can reach me out any time you want:)

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