Using Google Ads for Construction Companies (The Best Strategies)

Google Ads for Construction Companies

Google is a fantastic platform for ads! You can build the benefits bundled with the search biggie. Besides, it’s a big platform for all. So, do you have a brick-and-mortar business? Or, are you an e-commerce owner?

Reap the benefits of Google Ads! Moreover, you don’t have a minimum budget. Target your audience with a magnifying glass. Also, grow the brand awareness!

Service niches are very popular in Google Ads. The construction sector is no exception. A defining aspect of this field of business is the huge amount of money involved.

A million USD is but a staple unit of currency in here! So, you can run great campaigns, with money no bar! Here’s how to develop your construction campaign on Google Ads.

What are the applicable ad formats for construction?

Google Ads has several formats.

  • Search ads: These are textual and mimic the format of an organic search result.
  • Video ads: These appear on YouTube mainly and sometimes as display ads on websites.
  • Banner ads: These are those that appear on the Google Display Network.
  • Shopping ads: They are for individual products. It is a perfect example of e-commerce ads that come with a product image.
  • App ads: These ads appear on Google Play.

So, what are the relevant formats for the construction sector? The search ad is an easy guess. Just type in any real estate keyword on Google and see these ads appear.

For example, if you type in ‘condo in Los Angeles,’ Google ads will immediately come up with the top options. These days, search ads sometimes show an image of the property as well.

However, shopping ads are not relevant here. But, you can use video ads and banner ads though. 

Growing brand awareness vide Google Ads

A Google Ad does both. It attends to both active and passive intent. So, do you know what these mean?

Let’s say someone is actively searching for a property in upstate New York in Google. This said user has active intent. Again, another person may visit a real estate blog just to get some info.

This is passive intent. Therefore, Google will offer up a relevant banner ad on the real estate page from a local contractor. Chances are, this said person may click on the banner ad and book an apartment.

Attending to passive intent is crucial to brand awareness. The Google Display Network is a conglomerate of millions of partner sites. These sites agree to rent their digital real estate to Google for showing ads.

Using live-stream formats for real estate

Success in real estate marketing comes down to how great the property is. Video follow-through is a fantastic approach to showcase. As it is, you can run live streams in Google Ads.

Two of the ad formats are eligible. You can run a live stream on display ads. So, a visitor to a real estate blog may find this video interesting. Therefore, he may see the video, and going forward, seal the deal.

Moreover, you can achieve this at only a fraction of the costs of running TV ads. 

You can also run live streams on YouTube video ads. However, you cannot self-service it. Here are some of the conditions.

  • Hire an encoding company.
  • See that the company has Google certification.
  • Also, you cannot use VPAID on YT.
  • Furthermore, you cannot change the thumbnail and metadata 36 hours before the event. 

Audience targeting options in Google Ads

The conversion rate of your Google ads campaign depends on how well you target the audience. As it is, Google Ads has incredible targeting options.

Therefore, you can target people based on the following parameters. These are applicable in all three formats, search ads, video ads, and display banners.

  • Affinity: Users who are passionate about your service
  • Detailed demographics: Targeting based on age, sex, location, etc.
  • Life events: Targeting users who are in crucial junctures of life
  • Data segments: Target based on your website data
  • In-market: This bases the targeting on the recent purchase intent

Construction ads for remarketing campaigns

Remarketing is a highly effective tool in the construction niche. This is a high-budget niche.

So, potential buyers are likely to take some time before sealing a deal. Also, this means that people would click on your ad several times before deciding.

Google uses cookies to register user activities on websites. These cookies effectively assist in crafting engaging remarketing display campaigns.

This means that display ads of your website will pop up in the browsing history of passive users.

This approach of repetition tends to yield nice results. However, you should develop an engaging display ad for the job.

Adding extensions in search ads for construction

Google search ad extensions are highly effective tools for real estate marketing. This is because any property service must operate from a physical location.

With the extensions feature, you can add phone numbers and addresses to your search ad. This does not entail any additional cost but does a world of good to search campaigns.

The physical location lends credibility and presents users with an actual place to visit.  Also, the phone number extension is a major draw to generate leads.

However, you should focus on developing an attractive ad copy. Your search campaign should be able to stand out by its choice of words. It’s a highly competitive terrain, and unless your words have a truly lasting impact, people will not trust you.

Keyword strategy for construction ads

You need to have a concrete keyword strategy for construction ads. Here’s a basic word of advice. Always choose the expert mode on the Google ads page where they ask you to set campaign goals.

Otherwise, you are diverted to the default smart mode. Google may outsmart you by deciding how much you will spend.

That said, you must put in place a neat keyword strategy. Research keywords in your niche and use these as bricks to grow your campaign. Also, remember to use location keywords mentioning the location.

Furthermore, you should set keyword match types. These types instruct Google on how to interpret your keywords in deciding the visibility of your ad. Finally, you need to specify negative keywords as those that will not generate your ad.


Google ads for the construction sector can help interested buyers get the best properties. You need to get the specifics right and follow the guidelines mentioned here.

Measure your progress by Google Analytics integration and go ahead with a great campaign.

For any help with your Google ads account management, you can contact me any time…

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