Google Ads For Web Design (In 2024)

Google Ads For Web Design

You can generate a lot of business with Google Ads, regardless of whether you are a freelance web designer or working in a web design company.

It’s good to know your business can take on clients from around the world since you’re not constrained by location. This actually creates lots of opportunities. 

To take advantage of these opportunities, you need to convince the world that you are here and have great skills in web design. Google Ads allow you to do just that.

Potential customers are likely to click your page if you add the right keywords and write compelling ads. You should direct them to a well-designed landing page that represents your talent and past work.

To increase your chances of getting a job, you need to impress your client through both your ad and landing page.

Google Ads system relies partly on cookies and partly on keywords selected by advertisers. To place suitable ads on relevant pages, Google uses these characteristics.

When users click on the advertising copy, advertisers get paid. Ads can come from a local, national, or international source.

In this article, we will cover the process of creating Google Ads for web design industry.

Create an Ads Account

The first step is to create a free Google Ads account and tell Google how much you want to pay for each advertisement. Ultimately, they make money from these ads.

Following the account setup, you can choose the types of ads you want to run to create your first campaign. There are a number of options, but Search Ads work best for finding new clients.

Set up the delivery

Suppose you live in Cleveland, Ohio, and you can set up Google Ads so that only Cleveland residents will see your ads.

This makes it a valuable marketing tool since you can choose the geographic location where your ads will appear.

Choosing a specific region for your search has several advantages. One of the most important is the amount of competition you face as you expand your search.

By narrowing your geographic area, you reduce your competition and the effort it takes to reach potential clients.

So, if you run a campaign for the entire nation, you are competing with every other designer nationwide. You could win this way, but since the ad placement is determined through a bidding system, it could be costly.

Set your budget

With Google Ads, you can target your ads depending on what matters most to you and your business. For example, you can focus on:

  • clicks (for Search and Display ads)
  • impressions
  • conversions (for Search and Display ads)
  • views (for video ads only)

When you’re advertising on Google Ads, you probably have a clear goal in mind for your ads. Maybe you want to attract more customers from the coffee shop industry that wants to sell coffee.

Similarly, you may want to send your newsletter to more people if you run ads for the hiking industry. And so forth. By knowing what you want your ad to accomplish, you will be able to choose your bid and set your budget accordingly.

 Choose your keywords

Keyword research is the fun part because you get to choose the keywords you want to target with your ads. These are the words you think people will type into search engines to find you.

Start with common-sense terms like;

  • web design
  • website design
  • web designer
  • logo design
  • logo designer

To narrow down your keywords even further, add a location such as “web designer Cleveland.”

It’s easy to choose keywords, but choosing the right keywords is more challenging. Searching for the keyword “website designer” may bring more traffic than the keyword “web designer” or vice versa.

You can use various tools to find out how popular some keywords are, or how often people search for them. One of the most popular free ones is Google’s Keyword Planner. It is also possible to create Google Ads without keywords.

Build landing pages

Google gives each ad a ranking that helps determine where it will appear when you search.

Ad campaigns work best when you link them to a dedicated landing page rather than your home page.

Your ad link plays a significant role in your ad rank score. If your ad is about logo design, be sure to link it to a landing page that only talks about logo design.

Create your ads

In the end, you need to create your ads. You can create banner ads, but to locate design clients, you will simply need to create a search campaign.

They will show up as the first few results of a Google search and have a small [Ad] icon next to them.

After that, it’s just a matter of selecting a title and wording for your site. Finally, go and launch your campaign, and wait for clients to come knocking on your door.

Some tricks to use Google Ads

As we mentioned previously, one of the best things about Google Ads is the ability to target geographic areas to narrow down the competition.

But what happens if you live in a large, densely populated area?

In the previous example, we used Cleveland, Ohio. Let’s consider that there is a lot of competition for web designers in Cleveland, and the cost of running your advertising campaign is getting high.

You could target other areas instead. But Cleveland has plenty of smaller areas such as Bedford Heights, Euclid, Olmstead Falls, etc., that you could target. Nothing stops you from choosing keywords that target those smaller communities.

As the competition becomes much lower, your budget can go much further. Additionally, Cleveland clients shouldn’t be against working with a Cleveland web designer if it works out. And the best part is if nothing works out and no one clicks on your ads, you don’t pay anything.


It is quite common for graphic designers to have difficulty finding clients. This provides you the opportunity to use Google ads to target exactly who you want to work with.

Also, Google Ads can help you attract clients regardless of where you are because it puts your ads in front of people searching for your products and services.

As always for any help in managing your Google ads account, you can always contact me and I am always happy to help you 🙂 !!!

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