Google Ads Impressions Vs Clicks (Comparison, Difference)

Google Ads Impressions Vs Clicks

Google ads acts as a magnet to attract traffic online and increasing sales.

But sometimes Google ads can disappoint you with bad impressions and clicks especially when you just started with a new ad campaign online.

Understanding the value and importance of both impressions and clicks will help you run your marketing campaigns more successfully and effectively.

In this article, you will get to know the basics of Google ads impressions and clicks also we will tell you which matters the most for your business growth and earning profits online.

Ad Impressions Vs Clicks, what are the main differences? 

Before we dive in let’s see them briefly.


Impressions and clicks both are metrics that help you analyze the number of times users see and click on your ads online.

With the help of them, you can come to know how your ad campaigns are performing online. If you’re hardly receiving any clicks or impressions on your Google ad then something needs to be fixed immediately.

So what are Impressions and clicks?

Impressions: Impression is the number of times your ads are displayed on viewers’ screens. It will refresh every time when viewers refresh their browser.

If your ad campaign is receiving a good impression, that means your ad is displaying online. But remember, a good impression doesn’t mean good ROI.

Maybe the visitor is simply ignoring your ad or intentionally doesn’t want to click it. It is like passing from a store every day without looking inside.

So if you started receiving good impressions, don’t celebrate it so early because there is a lot more you need to work on.

Clicks: For paid ads on Google, clicks play a key role in improving the ad quality score and relevance. Clicks represent interested visitors who want to know more about your products and services.

Most visitors click on an ad accidentally or when they really wanted to perceive certain information. So, clicks aren’t always ensured as a positive sign.

If your ad fails in providing the right information that your visitors are looking for, they may start losing interest. Therefore you need to start working on both your ad headline and landing page content simultaneously.

There is another crucial metric to consider when you are running your Google ads campaign known as conversion. You should know how to Maximize your Conversion.

But for now, I hope now you’re clear with the basics of these two main terminologies of Google ads. Let’s see know which is more important?

Impressions or Clicks, which is more important? 

It is very difficult to tell which is more important without knowing the fact that both play a crucial for making an ad campaign successful.

Impressions lead to clicks and clicks lead conversions all of these are interlinked.

Without creating good impressions you can’t reach your target audience and without clicks, there is no use of impressions. To make your Google campaign a big success, you need to focus on both impressions and click metrics.

To receive more attention on your Google, you need to find the right audience, targeting the right keywords, and using the right platform to run a campaign.

This saves your time, reaches the focused audience, and helps you achieve your business goals. It will help people find your business and bring more qualified leads to your website.

Now after you start receiving traffic to your website regularly, you need to find out how many people are converting into new customers and how was their customer journey before they buy your products or services.

It will indicate what are the changes and updates you need to make to your website to serve your customers with the best user experience.

Tips to increase impressions and clicks on your ad campaign

1. Set your goal: 

What is the purpose of your ad? What goal do you want to achieve? Ask yourself these questions before planning to run an ad campaign.

Most businesses run Google ads to generate more leads, others want to increase their brand awareness, etc.

So, you need to make a roadmap of your strategies, set your advertising goals, and work accordingly.

2. Find the right audience: 

Always remember that you’re going the design ads for your visitors, not for yourself.

So, invest time in knowing who your target audience is. Research their demographics such as age, gender, area of interest, etc., and geographic areas to offer them the best deals.

Let’s say you sell “handmade jewelry”, and your target audience will be women who are interested in handmade jewelry between the age groups of 20-45 years. So, you will set your ad campaign that only targets those age groups to increase the chances of conversion.

3. Choose the right platform: 

Let’s continue this with the previous example: Now you know that your target audience is women under the age of 20-45 years.

Find which online platform is the best to get their attention. It can be Social media, Google SERP, Google Play store, or any other marketing platform.

Once you identified that, start focusing on that rather than other platforms. It will save you a ton of money, time and give you desired results. 

4. Find the right keywords: 

Keywords are the key phrases that users use to place queries on the search bar.

If you’re selling hand make jewelry for women, then your keywords will be ‘handmade jewelry for women’, ‘buy handmade jewelry’, etc. include these relevant keywords into your website or ad copy.

It will help target the right audience also help visitors find your website online.

5. Take help from digital marketing experts: 

Making Google ads and making it successful can be a really daunting task.

Sometimes rather than spending time understanding the metrics, building the right marketing strategy and drive your attention from your business, it’s better to take help from digital marketing experts.

They will help you creating an effective ad copy, targeting the right audience, and building customized marketing strategies that will help you achieve your business goals.


I think reading this article helped you to uncover the most important elements you need to know about the clicks and impressions you see in your Google ads account.

They are a crucial part of any ad campaign in making business decisions to analyze, assess its performance and make changes based on those metrics.

Also, make sure to follow the tips to improve the quality and number of clicks and impressions you receive.

As always contact me if you need any help with your Google ads management…

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