The Different Aspects of Google Ads Rental (Things You Should Know)

Google Ads Rental

Google Ads is the mega-mart for almost all businesses. It can be an exclusively online enterprise. Also, you may have a physical store but a digital storefront.

So, as long as the Google ad policies permit it, you are good to go. Google wants good ads, and a lot of them!

However, the only condition is that ads should not be misleading. Neither can you promote false practices by any means. New businesses can find the paradigm somewhat confusing.

Therefore, we suggest you start with a good look at the Google ad policies.

Talking about businesses, how about rentals? It is a popular category. Reach out to the target audience with neat precision! Also, site owners can rent out their digital real estate on Google. But, you should never rent out your Google account!

Don’t rent out your Google Ads account

The internet is a strange marketplace. Sometimes, people are willing to sell or lease out their online identities. There have been instances of people leasing out their Google accounts. If you have any such idea about your Gmail account, think twice.

Your Gmail is not only a free email service! But, it is also the key to a Google Ads account. Of course, Google Ads is still accessible without Gmail. However, using Gmail is the norm.

Besides, you might end up paying up a hefty fine! The agency buying your Gmail may coax you to your credit card data for a good price. For all you know, they may set you up as the billing address for Google ad campaigns!

Google can automatically deduct its payments, and you will be left in helpless regret.

Moreover, your Gmail account may get used up for unlawful practices. You don’t want to be in a legal soup! Also, it does not make common sense when someone wants to buy or rent your Gmail.

It’s free to create an account! Anyone can do it. So, what is the need for allowing identity theft?

Managing your Google Ads account without renting it

So, the account rental thing is out of the question. Now, let’s focus on how to navigate Google Ads best. The ad system can be baffling for newcomers. It’s attractive, but there’s a price you must pay.

You set a maximum bid account. It’s the cost you agree to pay when someone clicks on the ad. There are three basic modules for cost calculation.

  • CPC (Cost per Click)
  • CPM (Cost per thousand impressions)
  • CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

Let’s be straightforward. Google wants you to pay out. This is the reason why it promotes smart campaigns as the default mode. In this system, you let Google do the footwork for you.

Apparently, it seems a convenient deal to avoid all the details of setting up campaigns.

You let Google fix the keywords, decide ad placement, and so on. However, you will also have no control over your ad spending. To make it worse, smart campaigns are very opaque.

In addition, there will be little info on how Google will spend your budget. So, the best way to manage it is to choose the ‘Expert mode’ in Google Ads. You can find it at the initial setup page where Google Ads asks you to set campaign goals.

Letting your digital real estate for rental (AdSense)

Let’s dig deep into the rental thing with Google. Do you know you can rent out your digital real estate to Google? Check out AdSense. It’s a Google publisher account where you let out specific website sections for relevant ads.

But, you will have to sign up for AdSense to start with this passive income source. However, the earnings may not come in right away. It depends on several factors.

  • Your location
  • Type of content you provide
  • The CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Number of ad impressions

Your website will become a part of the Google Display Network. The GDN is the primary architecture for running display ads on Google. Also, you can have an estimate of earnings from AdSense by using the revenue calculator.

Brand Awareness by Google Display Network

Let’s check out how your AdSense rental benefits advertisers. Display advertising is a prime method to generate brand awareness. It targets the passive intent from potential buyers.

The aim is to transform the passive intent to active. The ultimate objective is to drive the active intent to conversions.

However, do these terms seem confusing to you? Here’s the explanation. Active intent refers to the user actively seeking to buy something online.

Whereas, when the user is casually navigating online without an obvious desire to buy, it’s passive intent. The secret of conversions is interpreting the passive intent and presenting ads via the GDN.

Google search ads best for rental businesses

Now, let’s talk about how can you use Google Ads for a rental business. Your best bet is to try the search ads. Also, here is an intro to the types of ads on Google.

  • Text/search ads that mimic organic results
  • Display ads via the GDN/ Gmail
  • Video ads on YouTube
  • App ads
  • Shopping ads (where you show a product image)

So, set up an attractive search ad campaign promoting your rental service. Also, you can use extensions such as phone numbers and physical addresses with search ads.

Google Ads for a property rental service

Therefore, let’s see a common example. Try it yourself! Type in the keywords ‘apartment rental Los Angeles.’ Immediately, the SERPs display a barrage of rental ads in LA.

It is a much faster method to get on the first page of Google compared to SEO. Your ad can be there also. However, you will have to set up a campaign first. Take notice of certain key particulars.

  • Assigning keyword match types
  • The negative keyword list
  • Good ad copy

Google Ads for bike rental business

You can also try Google Ads for other types of rental businesses. For example, you can try placing bike rentals on Google. However, a quick Google search of the keywords ‘bike rental New York’ did not yield any ads.

There are plenty of organic results though. Nevertheless, if you are a new business, you can surely try the search ad route to get a priority place at par with the organic competition.

Google Ads Rental: Conclusion

So, here is the moral of the story. Firstly, never rent out your Google Ads account. Secondly, you can let out your digital space for rentals via AdSense.

It enables your website to be a part of the GDN for display advertising. Finally, you can use Google search ads for promoting a rental business.

Go for it!

For any help with managing your Google ads account, you can contact me anytime.

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