Google Ads Without Gmail Account (Possible Solutions)

Google Ads Without Gmail Account

On an arbitrary scale of 1 to10 for being user-friendly, Google should make an 8.

Whether it’s the flagship search engine or the paid PPC platform, Google is very easy to use.

You can access Google search or YouTube even without having a Google account. However, creating a Gmail address is often a natural conclusion, given its huge popularity.

Besides, this password-protected account lets you access the entire Google products suite.

It covers your email, photos, blog, and YouTube. Of course, it also lets you sign in to Google Ads. To be sure, no digital advertiser can deny the huge benefits of using Google Ads! But, do you know that you can sign in to Google Ads even without a Gmail account?

Let’s see how that works.

Reaching out to non-Gmail users

The flexibility of creating a Google account without Gmail can seem paradoxical. Naturally, you would tie Google with Gmail and vice versa.

However, Google apparently does not want non-Gmail users to feel neglected! It’s business. So, you can easily open a Google account with a non-Gmail id.

The sign-up flow is rather straightforward. You will need a separate password for your Google account. Complete the details mentioned in the sign-up form.

Then, fill in the CAPTCHA and agree to the terms and conditions. Next, Google will send you a verification code in your existing email. Click on it to verify, and you are all set.

You can use this non-Gmail email id for instant sign-in to Google Ads.

Can you add a non-Gmail account to Google Ads?

Google Ads is accessible to anyone. You only have to have a Google account. When you reach the sign-in page for Google Ads, it prompts you to enter your Google account details. Most people use Gmail, but you can also use a non-Gmail account linked to Google.

Pro marketers suggest that you use an account exclusively for Google Ads as a best practice. You can create a new Gmail id or use an existing non-Gmail address.

This helps keep your ad campaign organized in one place because Google Ads will constantly notify you.

Click on the link that reads ‘Create an Account’ for a new account. This link is available at the bottom of the page.

However, you might encounter issues. Google may notify you of the following.

  • Invalid email address
  • You used the wrong email address at sign up
  • Problems with the verification mail
  • The email already exists

None of these issues should prevent you, though. Simply go through the applicable protocol to get your account started.

Email verification issues

You need a verified email account to access Google Ads. Normally, the verification would work smoothly. That said, sometimes it can be problematic.

  • You cannot see the verification mail
  • You can see the mail, but the link does not work

Check your bulk and spam folders if the verification link is not visible in the inbox. If it’s still not there, update your address book with Then, ask for a new verification mail.

If the link on the mail does not work, try using the classic copy-paste method. Simply copy the URL and hit it in the address bar.

This usually works. Also, the links may expire because you did not take any action. In that case, you will have to ask for a new verification mail.

Google allows alternate emails (non-Gmail)

We already talked about how to create a new Google account with a non-Gmail address. However, even existing Gmail users can enlist another email address as an alternate id. You can use this email id to sign in to your Google account, including Google Ads.

  • It should be non-Gmail
  • It should not be linked to another Google account
  • You must use your Google account password to sign in even for alternate emails

In effect, you will have two different email addresses for the same Google account. One of these is Gmail, which you get by default when opening a new Google account. The other is your alternate non-Gmail id.

Accessing Google Ads via an invitation

Allowing access to other people is a common practice in Google Ads. One can also set the limits of access, or remove it anytime. But, the person invited must have a Google account.

Even if the said person has a non-Gmail id, it is still possible to create a Google account. Google will send a confirmation link to this other email id, notifying the invitation.

If the non-Gmail id you have is an alternate email linked to your Gmail account, you can use it to accept the invitation. But, you will have to use the password for your primary email address to complete the process.

Google Ads will therefore enlist the invited person with both the primary email id and alternate id in the “Access and Security” page.

Changing the email to access your account

This facility is not available for folks using Gmail. It is only for those who use a non-Gmail id to access Google products. Please note, once you change your email id in Google Ads settings, it applies to all Google products.

Google will send you messages on both email ids. The one at your new email id will have a verification link. Your old id will receive a message confirming that you cannot use it to access Google.

Likewise, if you change your Google Ads password, it will come into effect across the entire Google ecosystem.

Accessing multiple Google Ads accounts

Busy advertisers often have multiple Google Ads accounts. One can access these accounts from any single one of them without having to sign in and out every time. The only requirement is to link the accounts.

Once you click on your profile image in the top right, you can see an option called ‘Add Google Account.’ Next, you will have to add the email address and password for the separate accounts.

You may link an alternate email or a non-Gmail Google account. After you link it, clicking your profile image will display a list of all Google accounts linked together.

Multiple sign-ins do not merge the individual data from the accounts. Neither does it give one account access to another Google account. It only allows access to different linked Google Ads accounts at the same place.


Google’s system naturally encourages the use of a Gmail address for Google Ads. You can always create a new one or use an existing Gmail id. However, a non-Gmail address works just fine as long as it is linked to your Google account.

That said, for any email id you use for Google, keep your account protected. Enable the two-step verification system. Don’t forget to add a recovery email address.

You are all set to use Google Ads.

If you need any more help with your Google ads management, contact me anytime without any hesitation. I would be happy to help you 🙂

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