How to Create a Compelling Display Ad on Google? (A Visual Memory)

How to Create a Compelling Display Ad on Google

Google ads are engaging!  They are smart, easy to use and deliver results. So, for every digital crusader, the know-how of Google Ads is a must thing! But, it’s huge. A lot of behind-the-scenes action goes on to get an ad up.

For example, just creating an ad copy won’t be enough. Also, there’s no guarantee that the highest bid will make it to the top.

The platform decides ad position and visibility by a system known as Quality Scoring. It’s an in-house system that assigns a score of 1 to 10 to the ads.

The criteria for quality scoring include ad relevance and landing page experience. Besides, they also take into account the expected Click Through Rate (CTR).

Here, the spotlight is on a particular category: Google display ads.

What are the Google Ads types?  

So, let’s start with a basic lesson. What are the ad types available on Google? Everyone is familiar with search ads. These are the ones that look like normal Google search results. But, they have a small marker reading ‘Ad’ on the top left. 

Also, you are familiar with display ads. Do you know which ones? Say, you visit a website randomly. The page displays attractive graphics in the left panel. It can also be on the right side and in the middle of page sections.

Sometimes, you also find them as banners on the top. Apparently, they are random, but are not!

FYI, here are the other ad types. The type of ad format available correlates with the ad campaign you select in settings.

  • App promotion ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Video ads
  • Call-only ads
  • Responsive ads

Mega outreach of display ads

Hello and welcome to the Google Display Network! Websites need to register with Google AdSense first. It is a publisher program to monetize digital real estate.

Put simply, you agree that Google will use your website to display relevant ads. For every click via your site, you receive a tiny amount. However, these small amounts often add up to generate good passive revenue.

The network covers more than 3 million websites, and growing. Besides, the GDN also covers Gmail and YouTube. YT is the prime platform for video ads, but it also shows small banner ads.

In addition, the scope of GDN includes over 650,000 apps on Google Play!

You can easily imagine the outreach commanded by the search engine giant! Done properly, these ads have a significant lead-generation ability.

However, the only downside is that they rarely attend to active intent. People are not actively looking to buy stuff when they randomly browse the web for info.

So, the secret of success here is creating an attractive display and converting the passive to active intent. 

Display ads are ideal for brand awareness

These ads can serve as the ideal launch vehicles for a new product line. Before you get people to give their money, you need to get their consent. Awareness building is a key aspect of branding.

Here, you introduce your product and tell how it can add value.

Also, you need to present your product as a better alternative. Finally, it should be feasible and may accompany a lucrative launch offer. Most importantly, display ads create a visual impression that can guide purchase decisions.

Here’s how visual imagery can influence buyers. Every time you see a joker in a plastic yellow costume, the image of the Big Mac pops up!

Again, you think of fried chicken whenever you see a smug old man with a french beard. You see a tick mark; it may remind you of the famous Swoosh!

The next big sign to remember could be mine! I need to create a great campaign around it. You get the idea!

Advertisers can upload their own images

Here’s a great thing about Google Display Ads. Do you know that advertisers can upload their own ads to the system? This feature seems taken for granted when you realize that Google has a default smart campaign mode.

In this mode, you provide the background image and the logo. But, it is up to Google to create the display and exhibit it.

However, if you ask me, it is always better to go ahead with your own image. You can upload image ads and AMP HTML ads as long as they comply with the ad policies. However, advertisers need to upload it in a Zip format.

Display ads are superb for retargeting

First, you attract the target to your campaign. You raise his active intent and get him to check out your clickbait offer. But, he is unsure. Is it a potent offer? Does it hold any great value?

Above all, is it a wise investment? So, he leaves your page and looks up other resources. Now, you re-target. Thanks to the cookies, you can have a retarget list of people who visited your website.

These identifiable users will now see your display ad greet them on the next random website. For those unaware of cookies, it can seem like a sign! So, he clicks on the display ad and lands on your landing page. The deal is done; the conversion is complete!  

Rules for images in display ads

Here is a summary of image rules. Make sure you are observing them before uploading the zipped file.

  • Images need to have natural lines
  • It must be a natural composition
  • You cannot use skewed images
  • Out of focus is unacceptable
  • Don’t upload blurry images
  • Don’t round edges and borders
  • Keep the borders transparent
  • Avoid using excessive filters
  • You should not invert the colors

Rules for overlay on images

Going forward, here are a few more rules. These apply to the overlay of images.

  • You may not overlay a logo on top of the image.
  • However, if the logo is a part of the photo, it is okay to use it.
  • Don’t overlay the image in focus with text.
  • You cannot use misleading button graphics on images.


DIY is the best way to learn about Google Ads. However, newbies can always benefit from expert professional help.

Just do a favor to yourself. Avoid the default smart campaign mode. In this mode, you practically forfeit all control over your ad.

You have to leave it all to Google, even the ad spend! Instead, click on the expert mode in the campaign goal settings.

As always, if you need any help with managing your Google ads account, you can contact me anytime you want : )

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