Using Google Ads for a Shining Jewelry Campaign (Drive Sales)

Using Google Ads for a Shining Jewelry Campaign

Google is a shining example of successful online ads. The Google Ads platform attracts PPC marketers from all over the world. It is smart, effective, and versatile.  Also, Google Ads is extremely flexible by budget.

There’s no minimum amount, and hence you set your bid and your PPC mode.

Google Ads is good for practically any niche. But, it should be an eligible one. This is because the search engine maintains a strict code of ad policies.

This ensures its good reputation, besides jaywalking possible lawsuits.

Jewelry service case studies show great results using Google Ads. Did you hear that iconic song by Marilyn Monroe about diamonds being a girl’s best friend?

This platform lets you nourish that love and present all your diamonds to the world! So, let’s see how to do it.

The right ad type for jewelry ads

How do you get started with Google Ads? You will have to choose different campaign particulars. First, you need to fixate the campaign type.

Also, you have the option to run multiple ad types from a single ad account. Again, different ad types are eligible from a single campaign. Hereby, look up the different ad types to decide.

  • Search ads/ text ads
  • Responsive ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Video ads
  • App promotion ads
  • Display ads
  • Call-only ads  

However, do heed a word of caution. New marketers should avoid the default smart campaign mode. It might appear an enticing way to bypass the complexity of setting manual campaigns.

But, in the long run, you might come to regret it. True, it does not take more than fifteen minutes to set a campaign in the smart mode.

However, you are going to forfeit your control over your campaign. The smart mode does not let you see where the ads show up. You can set the minimum budget, but Google will set the bid amount.

Also, it is notoriously opaque on the analytics part. Therefore, your best option is to select the ‘expert mode’ on the page where Google asks you to set campaign goals.

Grow brand awareness for jewelry campaigns

The jewelry niche is an expensive one. It is but natural to expect customers to dilly dally some before going ahead with the purchase. So, the best approach should be to focus on generating brand awareness first.

The passive intent generated later changes to active. Google Ads is a fabulous platform for raising awareness. The Google Display Network is a matrix of millions of partner sites covering every possible niche.

Marketers can benefit from the Google algorithm showing image-based banner ads on relevant websites. People browsing at a website that turned up on a search query are not likely to make an instant.

However, strategic placement of ads will raise their awareness, which later culminates in purchasing the jewelry pieces.

Besides, the GDN also involves ads on YouTube and Gmail. These services are hugely popular and can deliver a neat boost to your branding efforts.

Jewelry keywords that work for you

Your keyword strategy determines how your campaign fares. Therefore, selecting the right keyword criteria is extremely important. Google Ads is a powerhouse platform to implement keyword strategies.

You gain access to the tell-all tool called the keyword planner. Also, there are hosts of other third-party keyword tools, both free and paid.

Furthermore, you can use the Google Ads platform to specify your jewelry keyword usage. You have two key options to implement this.

Firstly, you have to set the negative keywords. These are those which you pick out to be unresponsive. This helps set the boundaries on how and when your ad will show up.

Secondly, you have the case match types. Using different annotations, you can instruct Google Ads on how to show your ads. 

  • Using a third bracket [ ] on the keyword is exact matching. Google Ads will only show the ads for searches that carry the exact meaning as the keywords set.
  • You can use a double apostrophe on the keyword to specify phrase matching ” “. This strategy ensures your ad comes up in searches that consist of the meaning of your keyword.
  • Not using any annotation implies broad matching. Google will show ads on searches associated with your keyword.

Using extensions in jewelry search ads for best results

Google search ads are incredibly popular. This ad type mimics the organic search results to elicit trust, and successfully too. Besides, they enjoy a priority position on top of SERPs.

Creating a well-crafted search ad copy is vital. The jewelry niche is beautiful. Write a magical ad text to introduce people to this beauty.

Furthermore, you can use ad extensions with search ads at no additional cost. These include shop location and phone number with the ad.

This is very helpful in generating valuable leads. Clients with an active interest will rather call up or visit your jewelry store in person.

Finally, you need to make sure to have an awesome landing page. Keep it relevant. When you are selling pendants in the ad, the site link should point to the pendants page on your website, and so on.

Some marketers also suggest creating a separate landing page. Use your wisdom to decide whether this is a feasible strategy for you.

Using video ads for jewelry campaigns

Not all niches can present attractive video ads. But, ads for jewelry can be breathtakingly beautiful.

Therefore, Google video ads are perfect mediums to present your jewelry collection to the world. The best part of this is probably the fact that video advertising on Google will take up only a fraction of the costs compared to TV.

Jewelry remarketing campaign using Google ads

Remarketing campaigns are vital to the success of jewelry ads. Google Ads lets you privy to a robust system of cookies that track customer behavior with a microscope.

For example, someone clicks on one of your ads but does not make a purchase.

Then, you can use remarketing to present the relevant banner ads in that person’s continued browsing history.

Also, these ads are very helpful to reverse situations where people abandon their carts at the last moment.  

Shopping ads for the jewelry niche  

Finally, you can use shopping ads when you sell jewelry in the e-commerce format.

These ads also appear on SERP listings like search ads, but they will carry a product image. Showcase your amazing collections on shopping ads!


Google ads for jewelry present a lot of opportunities for marketers. The focus should be on creating beautiful ads that engage the feminine psyche.

Be it product photography, the landing page, a video, or the landing page, make it truly worthwhile! 

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