Using Google Ads for Instagram Followers (Let’s Be Real)

Using Google Ads for Instagram Followers

Can Google and Instagram join forces? IG, famous for its influencers, has its own ecosystem.

On the other hand, Google Ads is the biggest PPC generator. However, it seems impractical that Google Ads would show IG influencers.

The competition factor works against this combo. IG is a Meta property. Facebook Ads is going all out for the Google throne!

Instagram ads also compete with Google Ads. It is unlikely that Google wants then to succeed. But, as it is, you can still use Google Ads to grow Insta followers. Let’s explain how. 

Do you need Google Ads for Instagram followers?

Let’s sort out a very basic issue. Do you even need Google Ads for Instagram followers?

As it is, Google promptly shows an influencer’s IG handle when someone searches it. It usually appears at the top, or within the first five organic results.

So, do you need to promote it in the ad format also? Let’s see the possible scenarios.

For example, you are a micro-influencer and want a lot of followers fast. Again, you may have a small business that you market on IG. Google Ads does seem like a viable tool to grow rapidly. How can you achieve this?

Google Ads and Instagram for Business integration

Official information is hard to find on the integration. However, a quick search reveals that a handful of third-party services do offer the integration in app format. You would have to check it out!

But, there’s little to no information on whether the integration works. Nevertheless, here are the steps.

  • First, authenticate Google Ads and Instagram for business apps
  • Secondly, set one of the apps as a trigger. This kicks off your automation.
  • Third, use the other app to select a resulting action
  • Fourth, decide the data that you want to exchange between the apps

These steps are merely a tentative guideline on how to set both apps together. They are retrieved from a third-party service managing the integration.

Obviously, you will have to use that service to apply these. However, reading them here should give you an idea of how it works.

Instagram followers site won’t make the cut to Google Ads 

Let’s assume you run a paid service for arranging IG followers. Let’s also assume that all the followers you arrange are real people and not from fake accounts (such things happen).

On the surface, this seems like an ideal scenario to engage in Google Ads. After all, you have a legit website that you want to promote!

However, you are probably going to be stopped at Google Ad policies. Google Ads is extremely particular about site quality. One of the cornerstones of these policies is the rule forbidding dishonest behavior.

Among the criteria for dishonesty, Google Ads also mentions services that artificially inflate website traffic. Therefore, even if you have real followers at your command, Google Ads may still consider you fake. 

IG is not a marketplace (Google merchant center rules don’t apply) 

Here’s another key point to note. IG is not a marketplace site per se. It is a social site where people may buy and sell stuff. But, it is not made exclusively for the purpose of buying and selling.

Therefore, Google merchant center rules don’t apply to Instagram profiles. If you are wondering, the Google marketplace is the driving force behind Shopping Ads.

Since products displayed on an IG profile must always be as images, Shopping Ads are apparently ideal for them.

Redirect  to your IG profile from your website (via Google Ads)

Hear us out! This is the best tip to use Google Ads for getting Instagram followers. Just follow these steps.

  • First, develop a marketable website. Make it good.
  • Now, head over to the Google Ads platform.
  • Set up your account. You will need to provide payment information, among other things.
  • Get started with a campaign in your niche.

Please note, Google Ads promotes its managed campaign service as a default option for new users. They call it the Smart Mode. However, expert marketers hold the view that it is better to manage the campaigns manually.

For that, you will have to click the small link on the campaign setup page that says you to click on the ‘Expert mode.’

Don’t hesitate to click on it even if you are yet to be an expert. A smart campaign will allow you little to no control over your spending and ad data.   

Write a blog on your IG profile and promote it on an influencer marketing site

Here’s another great tip on how to get Instagram followers via Google Ads.

  • First, you will have to find a site that gets advertised on Google Ads, and is relevant to your niche.
  • Next, you need to see if this said site has a separate blogs section.
  • Contact the site owner with a request to publish a guest post.
  • Have a guest post written professionally that organically mentions your IG profile. For example, you can have a post titled “Top Fashion Influencers in the Gothic Niche” if you promote black dresses. Keep it organic, which means you cannot make the post exclusively about yourself.
  • You will have to work out a deal to have it published. 
  • Pin your hopes on the said site making it to Google Ads for relevant keywords. 

However, some niches show a lot of saturation and don’t have Google Ads.

For example, on running keywords like ‘top travel blogs’ and ‘food blogs,’ no Google Ad came up. But, on typing ‘influencer marketing,’ there was an ad, albeit at the bottom of the organic results.

Assign a separate budget for Google Ads and IG

Professional marketers always plan on casting a wide net. It definitely becomes easier if there’s integration between the two platforms.

However, given the circumstance, it does not seem to be a plausible option. For all practical purposes, you should consider assigning a separate budget for either platform.

After all, there’s no competition between them, from your perspective. The behemoths can fight each other, but you can reap a handy harvest from both.

For example, you can split it 50-50, or any other proportion that seems convenient. Just remember to be transparent and accountable at all times. This ensures you can get your big cake and eat it too!    


You cannot promote the Instagram app on Google Ads. Do you know why? This is because you do not own the app! Google Ads is very sparse about the information on this.

The only available resource seems to be a resolved query at the Google community forum.

It is safe to assume that you cannot combine Google Ads and Instagram Ads directly. However, you can still try the tips mentioned above to make the best of Google Ads for your IG profile.

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