9 Best Tools Inside Google Ads [To Optimize Your Campaigns]

Best Tools Inside Google Ads

Google Ads is big! It can be difficult to get a grip on it because of the numerous parameters of setting a campaign.

However, the very things that make it intimidating are actually the ones that Google offers to make it easy for you. It has a host of fantastic free tools to improve campaign results.

These tools shoulder the task of constant monitoring and optimization. So, look up this list of the 9 best free Google Ads tools. Use these tools to make your campaign work like a machine, day and night.

Conversion Tracking

As the name suggests, the conversion tracking tool assesses the return on your investment on each Google Ads campaign.

Besides, it’s the go-to resource for conversion rates and cost-per-conversion data. Here’s a roundup of the benefits of this tool.

  • Easily find out which keyword, campaign, ads, or ad groups are yielding desired customer activity.
  • Besides, you can assess your return on investment and manage your ad spending.
  • In addition, it lets you set up Smart Bidding Strategies. These include Maximize Conversions, target CPA, and target ROAS. Get a grip on these features and optimize your campaigns automatically. It’s but a matter of time that you meet your business goals many times over.
  • Use the reporting column that states ‘All Conversions.’ Get a clear view of conversion data. It covers everything from cross-device to cross-browser metrics.

Google Analytics

Dive into the details of campaign management with Google Analytics. Expert marketers consider it as the best tool for the rich insight it provides.

However, you will have to integrate GA with Ads first. Going forward, it starts providing real-time data on campaigns.

Use it to configure your landing page to the tune of customer interest. It offers a multitude of other awesome functions. It is incredibly effective in boosting conversions. The results soon start to come in when you put the numbers in their right places.

Google Analytics Content Experiment

This is not a separate tool per se. But, it deserves a special mention here. As the adage for marketers goes, content is king!

You can analyze the content of your site or landing page elaborately with this tool. It eventually ensures that the traffic hooked in by your campaign transforms into conversions.

Keyword Planner

The secret of a successful campaign is in its keyword coding. The main purpose of Google Ads is to enhance the visibility of your business among the target audience.

Google is the de facto destination for all keywords on the internet! So, it is up to you to devise a functional keyword strategy to make the most of it. The

Keyword Planner is an immensely popular tool for marketers. It helps pinpoint specific keywords that should work for you. The tool gives you the following insights.

  • It suggests the possible keywords for your advertisement.
  • Besides, it tells how often those keywords are searched.
  • Also, it estimates how much traffic you may get.
  • In addition, it will inform you about the probable costs.

Impression Share or IS Report

Impression Share or IS reports show the percentage of impressions received by your Google Ads campaigns. It will provide a comparison of actual impressions with how much they could have got.

Go through these reports to decide whether you want to increase your ad budget or not.

Google Trends to Compare Search Volume Patterns

This tool is essential to check the shift in search volumes for the same product/service. The shift is shown across specific regions, time frames, and categories.

For example, you may be in the hospitality industry. Using Google Trends, you can figure out when users intend to make the booking for their seasonal holidays.

Google Trends is also important to know the shift in interest for a particular product from your target group.

In addition, it is a great tool for competitor analysis. Identify all the features that make your competitors successful in integrating the same in your campaigns.

Bid Simulator for the Right Bidding

Your bidding strategy for the specific keywords or phrases decides the visibility of your ads. The Bid Simulator helps to understand the potential of your campaign relative to different bidding strategies.

Therefore, it leaves no scope for guesswork when you set the right bidding. You can easily get to know whether using higher or lower bidding is a more cost-effective strategy for you.

First Page Bid Estimate

You can use this tool to know how much you need to bid for appearing on Google’s first SERP. It is relative to the keyword strategy you employ. Other factors include quality scores and keyword competition.

Further, the quality score assessment depends on the following.

  • How relevant is the ad in the context of the keywords used?
  • The relevance of the landing page directed by the ad
  • Will people click on that ad?

First Page Bid Estimate is very helpful to maximize the visibility of your business. If there is a higher bid estimation, it refers to making an improvement with your quality score. Improve your ad or the landing page to make the quality score work in your favor.

AdWords Editor to Optimize and Edit Your Campaigns in Bulk

You can manage your campaigns more efficiently and proactively by using AdWords Editor.

You can search and replace text, move items, and redo/undo changes across multiple campaigns. Besides, you can check the edits in the drafts before finally executing those in real-time.

Again, you can export and import files to let your colleagues check and share their valuable suggestions. Again, you will be able to track click-through rates, costs, positions, and conversions with this.


So, using these free tools, you can help your Google Ads campaign get better visibility.

Besides, you can constantly assess how your campaigns are performing to fix the loopholes at the earliest.

For any help with managing your Google ads accounts, contact me through contact page and I would always be happy to help you.

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