Google Ads for Promoting Your eBay Business (in 2024)

Google Ads for Promoting Your eBay Business

Nowadays, Google Ads is used by nearly every business on the web. You can also use Google Ads to drive traffic to your eBay business.

Google users are familiar with the Google Ads that appear on the right side of their search results, usually under the headline “Sponsored Links.” Google Ads provides you the opportunity to create profitable ads that appear for each of these searches.

Only you need to choose some relevant keywords that you want Google to use to determine the position of your ads. So, just think of some relevant keywords to advertise your eBay store. 

How does Google Ads work?

Previously known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is Google’s PPC advertising platform. As Google Ads operates on an auction system, you can create Ads, bid on specific keywords, and determine how much you’re willing to pay for each click on your advertisement.

In Google Ads, if your Ad Rank is higher than other advertisers’ Ad Rank for a particular keyword, your advertisement will appear at the top of the search results with a small tag next to it to indicate it’s paid.

There’s no need to worry about how many times it’s displayed or how many people see it – you only pay when someone clicks and visits your site.

Additionally, you can set daily and monthly budgets directly for each campaign. This means that once you find a keyword to bid on and an ad to run, you can let your campaign run with the assurance that you won’t go over your budget.

Can you run your Google Ads for eBay?

Previously, eBay sellers could not submit products to Google product listings using their own merchant feeds. eBay sellers had to depend on the eBay product feed to have their products submitted to Google product listings.

They had to create a sub-account under eBay merchant and then link this to their Google Ads accounts.

But we’re happy to share that eBay has announced promoted listings to connect with buyers. It will increase the visibility of sellers’ Promoted Listings campaigns and increase their exposure to potential buyers. 

What should you need to know about external promoted listings on eBay?

External promoted listings are free for sellers to run. The ad rate for external listings is the same as what eBay charges. If a buyer buys a promoted item within 30 days of the click, the seller pays the ad rate.

You can now easily download the eBay campaign reports that show the impact of enhanced external listings. eBay campaign reports include:

  • Click-through rate (Clicks/Impressions)
  • Sales conversion rate (Sold Items/Clicks)
  • ROI (Sales/Ad fees)

Promoting listings will automatically qualify sellers to appear in external promoted listings. Sellers who promote listings do not have to do anything else.

The sellers on eBay do not need to participate in external Promoted Listings to appear in eBay’s external advertising. Sellers who do not participate will still be eligible to appear in eBay’s external advertising.

How do promoted listings standard fees work?

Your ad rate for Promoted Listings is determined by the listing’s quality, its relevancy to buyer search, its ad rate, and other factors. You can view the promoted listings standard on eBay Seller Center. It decides which listings to display and where to display them.

Here’s how the fees work:

  • Ad rates can range from 1% – 100% of the sale price of an item. Higher rates increase the likelihood of ads being placed, resulting in more visibility.
  • Suggested ad rates are calculated by analyzing several factors, such as item attributes, past performance, competition, and seasonality.
  • eBay will only charge you if a buyer clicks on one of your ads and buys the item within 30 days.
  • Your ad fee depends on the ad rate you choose.

Why is Google Ads important for your online eBay business?

You can advertise your eBay listings on other websites outside of eBay. A web placement service, such as Google Ads, is the best way to do this. Google Ads allow you to purchase keywords, and then display “sponsored links” on search results pages for those keywords.

For example, if you purchase the keyword “Google Ads,” your sponsored link will appear whenever a Google user searches with that keyword. However, you can also use Google Ads without keywords.

When should you use Google Ads for eBay?

Google Ads coordinates with a digital marketing campaign by using keywords users are targeting. This provides you with more space on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Additionally, Google Ads dynamically creates your ad and matches it to shopping searches based on your product data. To promote your product on the eBay store, you must provide the URL of your Google Ads. Generally, you should use Google Ads for eBay when you:

  • Have a product with a high conversion rate, but low traffic.
  • Want to establish a baseline level of traffic and sales history for a new item.
  • Desperate to sell more of your bestseller, even if that means sacrificing some profits.
  • Want to sell a seasonal product as quickly as possible.
  • Have an overstock of a product you want to liquidate.
  • Have stock leftover of an item you don’t want to sell anymore.

How can you monitor the performance of your Google Ads for eBay?

When your ad campaign is underway, you can check the performance of each keyword by selecting the My Ad Campaign tab. You can view impressions, clicks, and overall cost to date for each keyword you selected.

The page also allows you to change the parameters of your campaign, such as adding more keywords or deleting existing keywords. You can also increase the number of keywords you have by clicking the Graduate to Standard Edition link.


You can consider eBay as a kind of product search engine in its own right. The strong reputation of this e-commerce site draws many customers naturally. Looking for something? eBay probably has it.

You can use eBay as a platform to create exposure for your products. Interestingly, eBay is an excellent place to purchase Google Ads resources. Experienced digital marketers provide tips on how to make Google Ads work on the eBay store.

If your business is successful, you can invest money in creating your own e-commerce site. As long as you don’t have a following that makes people search for your product specifically, big online sites like eBay have a lot to offer.

If you need any help with running Google ads to promote your eBay business, you can contact me through Contact page or write me an email any time you want 🙂

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