Designing the Perfect Google Ads for Fintech (Make It Work)

Designing the Perfect Google Ads for Fintech

Google Ads is particularly popular in the financial services niche. This is because a huge number of people search Google for money matters. For example, consider the search term ‘Fintech’ on Google Trends.

The latest data shows that the search term rarely hits a plateau beneath 70 on a relative scale of zero to hundred. That’s a lot! So, how can an up-and-coming Fintech service make the most of Google Ads? Let’s explore!

Fintech search ad campaigns with Google Ads

Google Ads is extremely versatile. Advertisers are free to pick one or multiple ad formats, as suitable. Here are the ad types on Google Ads.

  • Search ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Display ads
  • App ads
  • Video ads

Search ads are most popular because they mimic the organic results in SERPs. Besides, they receive the priority position on top of organic results.

Also, you can add extensions such as office addresses and phone numbers without any additional cost. So, all that remains to do is to craft a catchy search ad copy and develop a campaign around it.

New marketers should remember to click on the ‘Expert mode’ where Google Ads asks you to set campaign goals.

This is because the default smart mode for newcomers does not let you have much control over your ad settings.

You have only limited access to campaign data, have no say where the ads show up, and have no control over your spending. But, the expert mode lets you set campaigns manually.

Keyword strategies for Fintech Google Ads

The success of your Google Ads campaign revolves around setting a formidable keyword strategy. It starts with selecting the best keywords for the job. You can change your keyword parameters anytime based on campaign data.

Besides, a fantastic array of free tools is available for keyword planning. Of course, the in-house Google keyword planner suit is also of great help.

In addition, you can use features like setting up keyword matching types. Also, remember to outline negative keywords as well to fine-tune campaigns.

Keyword match types:

  • Exact match/tight matching
  • Phrase match/moderate matching
  • Broad match/loose matching

Running Fintech remarketing campaigns with Google Ads

Google Ads is a perfect place to launch Fintech remarketing campaigns. You can try two types of remarketing campaigns on Google Ads, standard and dynamic.

The first category is applicable for all types of Google Ads formats and partner platforms. Whereas, dynamic remarketing is only available for select formats such as ad campaigns and the Google display network.

The standard approach is better when you have a small website because it takes more effort to set up.

On the other hand, dynamic campaigns are ideal when you are a big online vendor with thousands of product pages. Marketers need to be good at handling the Google tag manager to run remarketing campaigns.

The tag manager is a tool that lets you select and place cookies for Google Ads campaigns.

Since it is usual practice for people to mull upon financial decisions before deciding to purchase a product, remarketing campaigns are a huge draw. It is a powerful lead generation strategy to hook in a lot of interested clientele.

Display ad campaigns to raise Fintech brand awareness

Any startup would agree that raising brand awareness is vital. From the initial funding to minimizing churn and improving product offerings, potential investors must be aware of the services.

The display ad campaigns on Google ads are highly effective for branding. Your ad shows up across a network of millions of websites in the Google Display Network.

Banner ads on the display network, given a good one, captures the attention of people browsing relevant websites. These ads capitalize on passive intent. However, the intent can well change from passive to active.

Derive from the data from Google analytics

The finance niche relies heavily on data. You would appreciate Google analytics. It lets you derive data regarding virtually anything.

You can even create your custom analytics to focus on specific aspects.

The data can provide you with key insights into visitor behavior on your website. However, you will have to integrate Google Analytics with your Google Ads campaign. Simply click on the ‘tools’ icon (the wrench) and activate Google Analytics.

All things said, it is extremely important to focus on your site-link quality. An inept site link can be a bummer even if your ad manages to get clicks!

You should consider linking specific pages in line with the version of the ad copy. This is a better approach instead of a generic statement with the home page.

If the ad is about the credit line aspect of your Fintech service, lead people there. If the ad is about loans, lead users to the loan section, and so on. Moreover, you should be a strict adherent to the destination link policies of Google ads.

Financial services are always under heavy scrutiny for malpractices. Don’t make any false, or misleading claims. Sooner or later, trying to outsmart the search engine biggie will backfire.

The consequences can be severe. It may include a complete suspension of your ad account, among other things.

Some marketers suggest making a separate landing page. The choice depends on your wisdom. Always make sure that the landing page should not raise any red flags.

Of late, crypto apps are popping up everywhere. It is a largely unregulated market, promising a lot of big things. A lot of investors are still skeptical, while many others are heavily into crypto.

It is also a popular Fintech niche. Therefore, you should be aware of Google ad policies regarding cryptocurrencies. As of now, you cannot do certain things.

  • You cannot promote businesses that accept payment in crypto.
  • You cannot promote crypto mining hardware.
  • Businesses that rely on blockchain technology for operations cannot run Google ads.
  • You cannot advertise educational materials on crypto.
  • You must have the required licenses and be Google-certified.

Look up Google ad policies on the crypto market and other financial services.


Google ads for Fintech services can be a wholesome experience. However, it depends on how effective the ad is to elicit interest.

Proper audience targeting is also important. Strategic use of keywords and devising intelligent ad copies are extremely crucial.

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