Monetizing Live Stream Videos via Google Ads [It is Possible?]

Live Stream Videos via Google Ads

Live streaming is on! More and more online content creators are streaming live to reach out.

Firstly, it presents an amazing real-time window in the life of the influencer. As for gamers, live streaming is but a way of life!

Secondly, the content creator can retain the recorded video as an addition to his YT channel. So, this video will keep serving as yet another medium for running ads.

Moreover, live streaming is a preferred mode in Google Ads Help and training. It is quite popular as SEO marketers have this chance to get a real-time sneak-peek into the elusive enterprise.

But, can you use live streaming as an ad format? Yes, you can! Let’s see how.

Type of Google ads formats eligible for live streaming

It is anybody’s guess that Google search ads and shopping ads won’t be eligible. Also, it is obvious that the video ad format on YT is the perfect place to run live streamed ads.

However, nobody could have guessed that even display ads are eligible!

Rewind to 2019, to the Google Ads announcement on live streams. The new live stream formats in Display ads and Video 360 came to be! Advertisers can run this new format across screens and devices. Also, marketers do not have to invest in creating new live content necessarily.

Content from the existing YT live streams can be used as well. You would only have to integrate the existing content with a new template in Google Web Designer.

Live streaming on the display ads format

Using the live stream format in display ads enables the audience with several controls. So, the viewer can pursue the following actions.

  • You can preview the live stream
  • Also, you may watch it in full-screen
  • Control the sound volume
  • Mute it if you want
  • Exit anytime

Display ads are ideal for attending to passive intent. Usually, advertisers use the banner format, but you can give live streaming a try. It has the potential to drive deeper engagement with the ad, and hence convert passive intent to active.  

Who can benefit from live streaming ads?  

Video ads have been around ever since the dawn of the TV.  However, the arrival of the internet opened up an entirely new vista for this format. Now, advertisers can run highly targeted video campaigns at a fraction of the costs compared to TV.

Also, it does not have to be a professional one! Just anyone with a video recorder can create a cool ad. Of course, one must still adhere to Google Ads guidelines for video ads.

If the introduction to video ads on YouTube was the next major change in this format, live streaming ads came after that. It mainly evolved with gamers streaming their content, but others also caught up with the trend.

Nowadays, everyone uses it. It is most popular among musicians, digital marketers, event planners, and retail shop owners, to name a few. Google took notice and made its ad formats available for the same.

The video ad format does not allow self-service live streams

So, you want to run a live-streamed video ad? As it is, you need to oblige to certain rules. First, you can stream it only on your YouTube channel. Secondly, and most importantly, you cannot run self-service live streams. No, you cannot!

Instead, you will have to hire an encoding company for handling the setup, monitoring, and testing. Also, this said company must have training from YouTube.

If it does not have it already, it must do so before running the live stream. Of course, you will have to let this encoding company access your YT channel.

Have you found your Google-certified encoding company yet?

Technical requirements of live streaming ads

Here are the technical requirements for live streaming Google ads.

  • You cannot use VPAID on YT.
  • Do not change the thumbnail and metadata for up to 36 hours before the event.
  • You should use a separate video ID for each unique activity besides displaying the ad. These include paid media outside Google and general embedding.
  • In addition, the encoding company ought to use a unique video ID for each ad format (Lightbox Creative, Masthead, and gadget).
  • Also, adhere to the encoding settings and bitrates for live streaming.
  • Follow the guidelines on setting up a live event.

Assets required for live streaming Google Ads 

Apart from the above technical requirements, live streaming implies certain assets. Some of these are mandatory, while others are optional.

Mandatory assets:

  • Video title (120 characters) and metadata
  • Video tags (500 characters) and description (1,000 characters)
  • Start and end time of the event (for informational purposes)
  • Player thumbnail (Recommended 1280 X 720 pixels)
  • The thumbnail must include the event name, time, and date  

Optional assets:

  • Trailer video (you can use it to promote the event on your channel)
  • Different images to herald various live stream stages (slates) 

Consider having a slate that states “the broadcast is over.” Also, have another one stating, “we are having technical issues, please standby.”

Rules for promoting a live stream ad event

The success of your live stream ad event depends on how you promote it well. There are several ideas to apply.

For example, you can link the event to your social media accounts. Make sure you are running the trailer well in advance to generate interest. Also, try to share the link to your event at least 48 hours before the start time.

You can also have a separate live section in your channel. This helps to organize the content.

During the event, you can create highlight clips. You can also update your banner image to inform people of the event. Google Ads may send a notification for the event on the home page of your subscribers.

After the event is over, you can still monetize it. Post an archive of the event soon after it is over. Organize the video and highlight clips into the playlist.


Google ads live streaming can be done on YouTube. You can also live stream display ads! It presents an excellent format to drive customer engagement and generate conversions. Go for it!

As always, if you need any help with managing your Google ads account, you can contact me anytime you want : )

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