Using Google Ads for YouTube Promotion (Ideas that Click)

Using Google Ads for YouTube Promotion

YouTube is a Google native. It is also the second-largest search engine. Each month, it registers about 3 billion searches.

Users upload 100 hours of videos every single minute! What does this mean for advertisers? It’s anybody’s guess!

Video marketing on YT is cheaper than TV ads. No wonder that most top-tier companies set aside a YT ad budget.

In addition, a lot of startups make a beeline for YouTube. Also, it is the playground for individual content creators to run video ads.

Do you intend to use YouTube promotions?

Let’s discuss.

Why choose YouTube promotions?

YouTube ads primarily focus on passive intent. Usually, people don’t browse it to buy stuff (active intent). Most people use it to dig up their favorite videos.

However, good ad videos can drive strong engagements. All you have to do is place it at the right place at the right time. Due to decades of TV ads, videos are a highly familiar medium.

Nevertheless, it can also harvest active intent. As per Google, viewers are twice more likely to buy after seeing a video ad. More than 70% credit YT for brand awareness (passive).

In addition, people prefer YT up to 4 times more than other platforms to look up a product or service (active). Video reviews are very popular, especially in the tech niche.

Key benefits of using Google Ads for YouTube

It’s super convenient. You simply start with a video that you need to promote. Google Ads provides you with powerful targeting options.

Marketers can select demographics based on age, location, interest, and more. Next, you set your budget flexibly. Put up a daily budget and a monthly cap.

Also, you can pause your campaign anytime! You enjoy a baseline of 30 seconds. If the viewer skips your ad before that, you don’t have to pay!

With YouTube promotions via Google Ads, you can do the following.

  • Drive website traffic
  • Grow your YT channel
  • Interact with customers (commenting)
  • Raise awareness 
  • Gain real-time insights

Types of Google Ads YouTube promotions 

YouTube promotions come with superb versatility. Choose from any of the three key ad formats. First, you have the TrueView In-stream. It creates immediate engagement with the viewer.

You can place the ad anywhere relative to the anchor video. Anchors are those that users view after finding it on search. The ad may appear before it, somewhere in-between, and after it.

Secondly, you have the TrueView Discovery ad format. These appear next to the anchor video on the suggestions list. Viewers can also discover it on the YT search results, and the YT homepage. It covers both desktop and mobile access on YouTube.

Finally, there are the Bumper Ads. Viewers don’t have the option to skip it. It is a small video, up to 6 seconds. It appears before, during, or after the anchor video. Marketers pay a set amount per thousand views (CPM/ Cost Per Mille).     

Interactive elements for Google Ads YouTube promotion 

Marketers can make the ad even more engaging with interactive elements.

  • CTA overlay: It appears as soon as the video starts. Viewers have the discretion to close it or take action.
  • Card: A few seconds teaser.
  • End screen: A screen will appear at the end of the video. The screen will reveal info on users hovering over it on the desktop. 
  • Companion banner: It is a thumbnail accompanying the TrueView in-stream ad. You can guide users to take action such as “Subscribe” or “Watch More.” 

Successful Google Ads YouTube promotions strategies

All things said, remember that campaign success depends on several factors. Also, there’s no guarantee because no one can force YT users to click. Therefore, for best results, you need to have a great strategy.

Some tips seem to work better than the rest. For example, you can try uploading the TrueView in-stream ad as a trailer for your channel. Again, you need to have catchy thumbnails for the TrueView Discovery ads.

In addition, you may show Bumper Ads on mobile devices. Since people mostly use mobile on the go, they are more likely to take note of a short ad. 

Define goals for Google Ads YouTube promotions

Adapt a goal-oriented approach. This helps to define a clear strategy. However, the first rule of video ads is to create an attractive video. If you don’t focus on the creative, the ad is not likely to deliver results, despite views.

Also, you should always prefer to have a YouTube channel backing the ad. This is a great way to lend credibility to your promotions.

Let’s get started with the goals.

A lot of people want more channel subscribers. On that note, you can use remarketing campaigns via Google Ads.

Your ad will appear randomly (apparently) on some sites on the browsing session of an interested user. In addition, you should use features such as ‘topic targeting’ and ‘affinity audience.’  

YouTube promotions are perfect for product launches. You might have seen how common ads are for a new web series, and so on! Many marketers prefer to use Bumper Ads first to create buzz.

This automatically drives traffic to your channel when the launch ad is live. You can also drive localized campaigns, or calibrate the ad for a global audience.

Google Ads also encourages collaboration between multiple common channels. You can target each other’s audience and create better remarketing lists. Consider creating a cross-promotional ad.

Google Ads You Tube promotions metrics 

Google Ads metrics are awesome! You need to use this information to fine-tune and optimize your campaigns.

These include:

  • Impressions (number of times the ad shows up)
  • Views: They refer to the number of views that exceed 30 seconds, as long as the ad is longer than it.
  • View rate: It refers to the percentage of viewers who watch or interact with the ad.
  • Average CPV: The average amount paid by a marketer when someone views an ad.
  • Earned views: This metric connects the viewership of your YouTube channel and the video ad within a span of 7 days from the same user.


Google Ads for YouTube promotions is immensely popular. If you intend to jump in, go ahead with careful planning. Start with creating a great ad, and get busy promoting it on YouTube.

Yes, the Google Ads interface can be intimidating for first-timers. But, you can always get an expert to help you go forward.

Google uses Google Ads to advertise Google Ads for YouTube  promotions. It’s probably the only instance where the video ads format gets promoted via search ads.

As always, if you need any help with using Google ads for YouTube promotion, reach me out through Contact page and I will gladly assist you 🙂

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