Setting up Google Ads for USA ( A Top Country)

Setting up Google Ads for USA

USA is the promised land! Ask any marketer! All brands try for the US market. However, business as a niche is a global thing. US exceptionalism is well and good!

But, other countries also have their places. How does Google fare in this equation? Specifically, what about Google Ads?

The search engine giant is global. Its ad platform has the specifics to focus on almost any country! All places have equal importance, but USA still is a top location.

This is because disputes in Google Inc must settle in a US court of law.

Let’s look at the details of Google ads for USA.

Google from California must oblige to US data security laws

Google must oblige with all the specifics of US laws. This covers all aspects of legal disputes. Be it being regular with taxes or data transparency, the final decision is on USA.

Google must comply with the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control for its location targeting specifics.

Marketers from certain locations may not have a Google footprint!

The laws forbid these countries, and some more. The numbers indicate the criterion ID of these territories.

  • North Korea (2408)
  • Sevastopol City (21583)
  • So-called Donetsk People’s Republic (21113)
  • So-called Luhansk People’s Republic (21111)

Long story short, if a USA marketer wants to sell in North Korea, it cannot!

International marketers going for the USA

So, Google Ads is the perfect platform if you want to appeal to US consumers. Gone are those days when one had to pursue elaborate paperwork to reach the US.

These days, you can do it in a few clicks from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is specify your location in the settings section.

It is an incredible opportunity for foreign marketers! However, you still should have a logistical presence in the US! To that end, marketers must comply with the protocols specified by the US administration.

So, what are the key aspects to consider to appeal to US consumers? Let’s find out!

Creating an ad copy in US English

So, you want to target the US market? Search ads are the most popular formats. These are those that appear in the SERPs along with organic marketing results. Their format mimics the organic results to elicit the Google trust for quality websites.

Besides, they mostly appear as priority listings on top of the SERPs. The only visible difference is a black ‘Ad’ logo on the top-left.

Also, search ads have other benefits such as the facility to add extensions without any additional cost. These include addresses of the physical store and a phone number.

However, you must create ad copies in US English. Folks in America are very particular about English spellings, wherever UK and US variants are unique. After all, the Spelling Bee is one of the most-watched events in the US!

To conclude, you can’t expect to write ‘organise’ with an S in the US, and sell a pocket organizer! People will take notice and call you out as fake! Therefore, emphasize on a good ad creative with correct US spellings.

Catering ads to multilingual USA

US is diverse! The country is home to millions of natives from other countries. Presenting your ads to multiethnic USA requires critical skills. You need to know community customs, and its native relevance.

So, do you want to reach to the Indian-Americans? You may consider speaking ‘Desi’ in your ad copy!

Folks in India may not be able to connect with ‘Desi.’ However, it’s the very identity for Indians there. Likewise, be super careful about Black pride! Black men and women have deep roots in the US soil.

They are extremely protective about their identity. Advertisers must respect this or face the backlash on socials.

Location targeting basics on Google Ads

If you ask me, this is the Google Ads feature I dig the most! It’s amazing how granular they can get with location targeting.

So, if I want to reach out to the hispanic populace in New York suburbs, I can easily do that! Aided by the input from Google maps, one can even set a radius around a particular location.

So, if I want to sell business organizers within a 7-mile radius of the White House, I can do that!

Let’s see how location targeting works.

  • One can target entire countries
  • Specific zones within the country
  • Radius around a specific location

Marketing intended for the entire country (US)

Here’s something you should know about location targeting. The thing is, it must adhere to the minimum privacy thresholds. These thresholds are set values for minimum user counts and area range.

Say, you want to set your Ad for the US. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Firstly, click on the top-left page menu, indicated by three horizontal bars.
  • Secondly, click on the campaign you intend to edit.
  • Thirdly, click on settings from the page menu.
  • Next, click on the drop-down menu next to ‘Locations.’
  • Here are all the countries of the world. Set your compass to the US.
  • Finally, ‘save’ the location.

Marketing intended for specific areas

You may want to target highly specific zones. This is also possible in Google Ads, but it should not be too small. Choosing a fly-sized location may mean that your outreach may not even be relevant!

There is no denying the importance of being very careful about selecting the right targeting features.

Here’s how to do it in Google Ads.

  • Click on locations tab from the page menu on the left.
  • Next, click on the campaign name that you need to edit.
  • There would be a blue pencil icon.
  • Enter the location details. Always remember to add the country name with the city name. Cambridge can be found in both USA and UK. You must specify where you want to be.
  • Finally, save the settings.

Moreover, you can set location targeting for multiple campaigns from the same interface. A text field will come up, where you can put in the names of different locations. You can access this box via the settings tab within ‘Campaigns.’


Google Ads for USA is something every marketer considers. It is extremely easy, as long as you have the footwork done.

This includes having a legal base in America, and full compliance with US laws. The rest is easy! You can access it all on the location settings.

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