Using Google Ads for Service Business (Make Your Mark)

Google Ads for Service Business

Google Ads can do wonders for your business. Especially in the service business category, it is very helpful for growth.

This is because Google Ads offers a (paid) shortcut to the first page of Google SERP. If a new business would have to try it via SEO, it can take up months, if not years, to be visible on the first page.

Of course, Google Ads also follows an auction-based bidding system. This means that there is an off-chance that your ad would not be visible. Nevertheless, the probability of being visible is much higher than when you focus only on SEO.

Difference between local ads and Google ads

Google has a system called local ads. It is considered outside of the core Google Ads suite. Intended to promote local houses on the map, these have a flat fee. There are no auctions, and Google will display the results whenever applicable.

Furthermore, it follows a Pay-Per-Lead model. This means that you pay only when a customer calls up your service, or you get a lead.

Google Ads, on the other hand, has three different criteria for deducting payment (as per your bid).

  • CPC/ Cost Per Click
  • CPM/ Cost Per Mille (This means ‘for every thousand impressions’)
  • CPA/ Cost per Action/ Cost per Acquisition 

Furthermore, every local business must pass through a thorough screening to get listed. Google Ads will only require you to have a good website/landing page, adhered to its ad policies.

Google Ads for service business is very popular

Service business Google Ads are one of the most popular ad types. Every time you search for a plumber, electrician, or an AC repair service near you, several of these ads come up.

Please note that for every ad displayed, there might be three ads that didn’t make the cut.

The point here is that even this digital real estate is very competitive. You will have to figure out the particulars of Google Ads. The competition also means that this niche may have a higher average bid amount.

The benefits of Google Ads for service business are several.

  • You capitalize on active intent
  • You can re-target users if needed
  • The budget is very flexible
  • Measure the performance of your ad

There is no minimum budget cap. You can pause the campaign anytime you want. Also, you get to target a specific audience. In addition, you pay up only when the ad starts to show results. 

Use the manual mode for service business ads

Say, you are new to Google Ads, and it is common to find it as a complex system, filled with things you half understand.

You can’t get the head or tail of where to start or how to get your ad seen. Google understands this. Therefore, it offers what is called the Smart Campaign mode as default to newcomers.

This mode is easy to use because you let Google serve you.

However, this service from Google may not be the one recommended by experts. This is because it entails that you have little to no control over key aspects of your ad.

  • You cannot manage your budget. Google Ads will arbitrarily increase or decrease your bid amount.
  • The system is extremely opaque with limited access to data.
  • In addition, you cannot control the preferred visibility of your ad. 

Therefore, you should prefer the ‘Expert mode.’ Even if you are new to it, consider taking up the steep learning curve. This ensures that you retain control over your ad.

Keyword Use in Google Ads for service business 

Proper keyword allocation is fundamental to making your campaign a roaring success. Several tools are available for keywords, including both paid and free ones.

You can use these to devise keyword combinations that work. One of the most important tools in the in-house arsenal of Google Ads is the keyword match type.

You should always use it alongside the popular keyword planner tool. Case types help you instruct Google Ads to understand how you want to use the keywords. Use localized keywords to direct traffic from your area.

Examples include ‘plumber Bronx’ or ‘electrician Sacramento.’

Besides, a lot of people search for services with the ‘near me’ keywords. So, you should include these in your strategy as well.  

Keyword match types in Google Ads come in three classes.

  • Broad match type/ loose matching (Ads show up on searches related to your assigned keywords)
  • Phrase match type/ moderate matching (Ads will show up on searches that include the meaning of the keyword)
  • Exact match/ tight matching (Ads come up on searches with the same meaning as your keyword) 

Using the address extension to Google Ads for service business

Google Ads has an excellent provision called extensions. These are especially suitable for service businesses.

You can add or remove the extensions at any time without any additional cost. The most important extension, perhaps, is the local address.

Showing the address with the ad lends credibility. It also makes your place easily accessible.  

Setting up a call campaign in Google Ads for service business

Another extension implies the provision of your contact number with the ad. You can set up a call campaign that works exclusively on mobile devices. This will ensure that the CTA is an actual call-up action.

The ads will be displayed in a responsive format to make them more attractive to mobile users.

  • You may share your contact number across an ad group or for entire campaigns
  • You can use the numbers in a way that they are available only when you can take calls
  • Calls are counted as conversions
  • You will have to undergo a verification system first
  • Campaigns in the display network are not eligible

Best Google ads format for service business

Google Ads is very versatile. You can run four-headed campaigns covering search ads, display ads, video ads, and shopping ads.

Search ads are the usual types that you see enlisted on top of organic results. They mimic the format of organic results to earn customer trust. These are the best types for service businesses because they help you capitalize on active user intent.

Shopping ads are good if your service also includes setting up an inventory. However, these may not be that relevant for service businesses.

Then, there are the display ads that come up on the Google Display Network. They also depend on monetizing passive intent, and may not be very relevant for service businesses.

Finally, you have the video ads. These ads, shown on YouTube, can be a little costly to make.

Furthermore, these might not be very much effective as well because people don’t usually go to YT to find info on service businesses. 


Google Ads for service businesses can be extremely effective. However, you must be good at setting up a competent campaign.

There are too many variables involved. Therefore, you should seriously consider hiring the services of an expert on Google Ads.    

As always, I will be mentioning myself here. If you need help with managing your Google ads campaigns, you can contact me any time and I would be happy to assist you đŸ™‚

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