Google Ads Eligible vs. Approved – What is the Difference?

Google Ads Eligible vs. Approved

The difference between Google Ads eligible and approved might not seem significant.

But there is much more than you think.

If you think you’ve put your credit card details, selected the keywords, created an ad and you are ready to go, then we’re afraid you’d be wrong!

The difference between Google ads eligible and approved is enormous, and that’s precisely what we’re going to talk about in the sections below!

What is Eligible status in Google Ads?

When your Google ads is showing eligible, then you can be sure your ad is active, but it has to be fully reviewed before it gets approved.


Typically ads are reviewed within 24 hours. You can check the status of your ads by checking the status column in the statistics table.

Google states that if the review process takes more than 2 business days, you can contact them.

At this stage, Google automatically sends your ads into learning as they are new.

However, you can run and get impressions for your ads during the process while they are being reviewed by Google. That means in some contexts your ads can show up.

Keep in mind that, at that time, your ads are still vulnerable because Google might disapprove of them as well.

What is Approved status in Google Ads?

Getting your Google Ads approved is not easy. Sometimes it can take up to several days for your ads to be approved by Google. But typically it should take not more than 24 hours to get approved.

However, once it is approved, your ads will be up and running and can be displayed on all the eligible Google networks and partner sites. 

Google ads eligible vs. approved

When your ads are eligible, it means that your ads are shown only to certain audiences but they’re not yet approved or cannot run at their full potential.

At this stage, your ads are going through the reviewing process and your ads may or not get approval. 

Note: The difference of Eligible status from Under review status is that, ads with Under review status won’t show up at all until it gets Approved or changed to Eligible status , while ads with Eligible status can be shown to certain audiences.

So, when a Google ad is approved, it implies that your ad is ready to run on a given Network.

Google Ads  – Tips to Get It Approved Quickly

Now that you know the difference between Google ads eligible vs. approved, let us check out some sure-fire ways to get your Google Ads approved fast: 

No Prohibited Content

The most important thing that has made it to our list is this one. You have to be sure that you have no prohibited content on the ad.

For instance, Google does not approve of any counterfeited goods or products.

Other prohibited content can be drugs, fireworks, weapons, explosives, tobacco-based substances, psychoactive substances, or drugs. 

If you’re planning to rip off a company and say it’s genuine, Google will disapprove your ad in no time.

Additionally, if you’re trying to show any dishonest behavior such as hacking an instruction or software, Google is bound to disapprove your ad then as well. 

No Prohibited Practice 

Another thing Google hate is trying out any prohibited practices.

Some of the prohibited practices can be misrepresentation, data selling, or even abusing any network. Manipulation of any social endorsements or abusing an ad network can be considered prohibited practices.

Additionally, you will not be allowed to share any collected data as well.

Moreover, if you’re not using a secured server during your checkout process, Google will disapprove of your ad. Moreover, if you want direct sales from your website, you require an SSL certificate on the website.

Any Restricted Items

When you’re advertising any restricted content, then your ad will be disapproved.

Google does not allow the advertisement of alcohol, legal advertising, healthcare and political content.

Several industries have different restricted content and each of them is different. Thus, remain watchful about the kind of content you put up as your ad. Keeping them in mind before you create your ad is extremely important in this case.

Follow these three ways, and you’re sure to win over the Google ads in no time. 


An ad status you put up on Google is often confusing. The list from eligible to approved comes a long way. 

So, if you’re on the verge of putting up something on Google as an advertisement, be sure you follow the quick ways we’ve mentioned above. However, always keep a close watch and keep checking the ad status!

Now, Go ahead and follow those steps; we’re sure you will get your approval in no time!

For any help in managing your Google ads, you can contact me anytime…

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